Little Girl Adorably Reenacts "Just Do It" Meme

Why? Why is this happening? Still? Shia LaBeouf is seriously a madman genius who is highly proficient in taking up what seems to be a permanent residence in pop culture, and by association, our brains. Yet, as some sort of cruel joke, this doesn't translate to my own easy spelling of his last name. In the latest installment in LaBeoufination of the world as we know it, we have a 3-year-old girl reenacting Shia LaBeouf's motivational speech.

I already have a little trouble understanding what most toddlers are saying. Add a few dashes of intensity and parental pressure for you to morph into an actual human meme, and I cannot decipher more than three words this young girl says. As far as I can tell, it's a word-for-word rendition of LeBeouf's maybe-serious-maybe-not rant that yielded parodies a-plenty.

The real mystery here: What does this little girl need to "JUST DO"? Could she mean potty-training? Probably not, since James Franco already took that angle. Maybe cursive handwriting? Doubtful, as this 2013 story listed 41 states leaving that out of public school curriculum. What do toddlers need motivation in order to achieve? Or maybe she's not even talking to peers at all! She could be talking to us. To our very souls. We just need to lean in closely and listen. Or not listen and instead appreciate her various power stances:

You know what? Maybe she did mean potty-training after all. See what you can glean from this borderline adorable delivery:

Who knows. Toddlers actually like Shia, as it turns out:

Yeah. Considering the meme efforts and appeal to younger generations, it seems safe to assume Shia will be around for a while. Possibly forever. Logic suggests, at least, his overwhelming, confusing existence should at least outlive trends including:


When are we finally going to admit this social media channel's presence is rooted in lunacy? There is no way an avocado-baked-in-an-egg is gonna save us all. Anyway, I predict we'll accept this before we forget about Shia.


I KNOW. And I have nothing against guac—I say this only to highlight the urgency we should approach this epidemic.

Chris Pratt

Yes, even this specific rendition. Sorry, dude.

Shia. I don't even know what to say. But it looks like I'll have literally forever to finish that thought since the man is clearly never leaving our consciousness ever.

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