ED By Ellen Is Finally Here

by Kali Borovic

From the woman who brought you the daily talk show that has you dancing, crying, and laughing all in the same episode, comes a line of clothes and accessories that will make you just as happy. Ellen Degeres's clothing line is here, and it's filled to the brim with tiny, charming details that will allow you to easily wear your heart on your sleeve — subtly, of course!

Degeneres's line, ED, is truly indicative of her signature style, down to her initials on the label. Although it does feature a few dresses and skirts, something that Degeneres herself doesn't frequently sport, it's the perfect blend between traditionally feminine and traditionally masculine style available at affordable prices. Featuring classic ball caps, structured jackets, totes, and more, there truly is something for everyone.

But what makes the line especially fabulous, aside from the fashions themselves, are the little details that make these pieces truly special. With tiny embroidered words like "love" and "happiness" sewed into some of the clothing, this line constantly reminds its wearers to slow down and focus on life's little moments. ED is classic with a lighthearted twist. It's kind of like carrying a little bit of Ellen around wherever you go. And it can't get much better than that, right?

ED is a classic take on the star's style that will work in everyone's wardrobe. With it's little messages and big style statements that will keep you looking great on the outside — while remembering it's what's on the inside that counts.

Take a look at the best pieces from Degeneres' collection.

1. ED Knit Tee-Shirt Dress ($145)

Not only does this dress look comfy enough to sleep in, it has just enough detail around the trim to keep it interesting.

2. ED Smile Bracelet ($12)

A simple reminder to smile can go a long way, and Ellen knows it.

3. ED Seersucker Jacket ($195)

Personalized with the word "love" on the inner pocket, this tiny detail makes the jacket so much more special.

4. ED Smile Baseball Cap ($25)

This thoughtful baseball cap comes out on top.

5. ED Short Sleeved Marled V-Neck Tee ($65)

This staple piece takes a modern twist with the bottom slit and scoop neck.

Images: ED by Ellen