This Wave Cabinet Is The Future Your Room Deserves

How are your interior decorating skills? Are they nonexistent, or are you working hard to improve your studio apartment? Are you buying art or trying to minimize while moving into a smaller apartment? (I just had that exact experience, and let me tell you, getting rid of stuff was a challenge.) There's a whole new way to improve your living space now. It's a wave cabinet that opens like a paper fan you might buy on vacation in Costa Rica. And while I'm not sure about the functionality, or whether it will help you achieve your minimalism goals, it provides a unique aesthetic and would be quite the conversation piece.

The way this cabinet fans open is pretty fantastic—I mean, it can hold books and open into a heart. Like, that's the decorative dream, is it not? It is certainly a progressive design, but I still think it would look good across from my bed. How lovely would that be? If I woke up every morning and looked across the room at my heart shaped beige cabinet? (Let me admit that the woven beige motif of this cabinet is a vibe I thirst after for my future house.)

Here's the cabinet in action:

Excellent for children. And me.

You can play this cabinet like a piano:

And here's the aforementioned heart:

Cabinets have a love language of their own.

Watch the full video of this cabinet in action:

Don't lie. You're going home to reorganize your furniture.

Images: Vimeo(4)