Wiener Dogs In Minion Costumes Are Essential

Let's cut right the the chase: Dogs in minion costumes are now a thing. And let me assure you that it is necessary as hell. I must say that as cult followings go, I am most impressed by the cult following around Despicable Me . Each Halloween since its release, people never fail to show off their minion costumes. It seemed like it would be a short-lived epidemic, but for some reason people will look for any excuse to break out their yellow shirts and overalls. Those people are about to be made very happy by these pups in costume.

While it's pretty obvious that the following of dogs on Instagram is somewhat less of a cult following and more of a "everyone ever" sample size, I think we can all agree that we have a lot of enthusiasm for dogs on the Internet. My point is: There are a lot of minion fans. And there are a lot of dog fans. So let's go ahead, fuse them together, all get in one happy melting pot of really adorable fandom, and look at some effing perfect pictures, gifs, and videos of dogs dressed up as minions. Who's with me?

Also, the dog starring in all of this already has some pretty legitimate levels of fame. Crusoe is a celebrity dachshund and his costumes are handmade by his owners, Ryan and Lauren Beauchesne. The other wiener dog in the video is Crusoe's half brother, Oakley. (So nice of Crusoe to share the spotlight.)

Presenting, wiener dogs dressed as minions:

In costume and ready for some trick or treating:

And don't forget the red ball that makes a lovely high pitched squeaking noise:

Obviously, this whole situation lends itself well to a few gifs:

That. Jump.

These butts:

Watch the full video and just try to not send it around to everyone you know:

If you need more Crusoe in your life, he has a book of his adventures coming out this fall on Amazon. You can also find him on Instagram.

Images: YouTube(6)