Courtney Love Needs Autocorrect

Here's a boring story that could have potentially been awesome if someone at the New York Post had gotten hold of it: Last night, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni stumbled upon Courtney Love's iPhone as he was exiting a cab. This is just the type of stuff that happens in NYC, occasionally; when you're in such a busy city, if you lose something, chances are someone's going to find it. But we New Yorker's are, contrary to popular opinion, a kind breed — so when Bruni discovered that the phone actually belonged to former Hole frontwoman and Twitter addict Courtney Love, he did the logical thing... posted on Twitter to try and get in touch with her.

"Weird: the iPhone left in my yellow cab last night clearly belongs to @courtney (Courtney Love). Trying to return. Anyone? Courtney?" Bruni tweeted earlier today.

As Bruni later relayed to NYMag , it was actually pretty difficult to figure out that the phone belonged to Love due to security features installed on the device. "It didn't ring last night, but it rang this morning and I discovered that I couldn't even answer a call," he said. "It was super-locked." It was actually his assistant, Isabella Moschen, who actually discovered that the phone was Love's.

"First I saw that Stella Schnabel had just texted her," Moschen said, "And then I noticed this name, Lo'renzo Hill-White, and I Googled him and he's a celebrity stylist. Then there was Peri Lyons, the name sounded familiar to me, and I realized my uncle used to date her! She's a psychic to the stars. I said to Frank, 'It's gotta be Courtney Love.'"

Then, she said the most unsurprising thing someone could ever say about a cellphone belonging to Courtney Love: "Courtney actually has her assistant's name mangled in her phone. Her manager told me, 'Everybody's misspelled in there.'"

Eventually, Love ended up getting the phone back when she saw the tweet, and that's pretty much all there is to the story. Kind of boring, but I guess that's what a "good person" does and stuff. As Bruni puts it: "It's not exactly a column I could write but it is a fun story... now Courtney and I follow each other on Twitter and I have a direct message from her. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or at least a signed copy of a Hole album."

Go for "Live Through This," Bruni. It's the best one.