Bennifer Is Divorcing: Twitter's Best Reactions

by Chelsea Mize

It's happened. The worst has happened. One of the best celebrity couples of ALL TIME has called it quits. Yes, Bennifer is divorcing after ten blissful years (well, apparently not so blissful for them). I don't quite know how to cope with it and Bennifer fans everywhere are struggling to process the news. As most people do in times of grief, people are turning to social media to vent their woes and the result is wonderful, as is evidenced by these 22 hilarious Twitter reactions to Ben and Jennifer's divorce.

You might not like the news. You might not be able to bear the news. But one thing is for sure, if you take to Twitter, you will definitely be able to laugh at the news. My Twitter feed is overwrought with Gone Girl and Batman jokes, as well as a healthy number of Twitterers 'shipping Ben Affleck and Matt Damon now that Ben is back on the market.

I can tell you how soothing the Twitter response is to your frazzled nerves but you will probably only believe me if you see it for yourself. So, go! Take to the Twittersphere and let the snarky words of strangers soothe your grief and calm your worries over the Bennifer breakup.


If pizza and hot dogs can make it, Bennifer has no excuse.

Asking the Tough Questions

But really though. Jen better get Matt on the weekends.

Sorry, Mom and Dad

This girl knows true tragedy when she sees it.

Blame Batman

It's always Batman's fault.

How to Deal with The Divorce

Just pretend it isn't real.

Jersey Girl 2

Coming soon to a theatre near you.


Always thinking about the kids.

Ben & Jen: Not Vomit Material

So sad.

Team Bett

Cutest Couple 2015.

Jennifer, Part III

Who's next? Jennifer Hudson? Jennifer Aniston? Jennifer Lawrence? JENNIFER LAWRENCE OMG, plz.

We'll Get Through It Together, Guys

It's nice to be around kindred spirits in times of grief.

The Freeze Frame Explains The Divorce

No wonder Jennifer Garner is gone.

BREAKING: Houseplant and Boot Divorce After 10 Years

Some people aren't quite as affected by the news.

The Breakup The Shook the World

What is love? What is life? Who am I? I don't even know anymore.

J. Lo On Dat Rebound

Ben has been Jennifer hopping since day one.

It Was For Her Own Good

Batman just did it to protect her.

An Important Thing to Remember During This Trying Time

Yes, a dolphin.

Late To the Game

Phil's known about the divorce for months. MONTHS.

Ben Lost a Wife But Gained a Fan

That's some true talent right there.

Sad Ben Is the Best Ben


How Can We Believe In Love Anymore?

Bennifer has crushed all our dreams.

This Girl Has Her Priorities Straight

But really.