Are Chrissy's Nips Making A Comeback On Instagram?

Chrissy Teigen made headlines just yesterday for her incredibly popular Instagram account. After posting a shot of her W Magazine shoot in which Teigen's nipple was exposed, the social media platform removed the photo, but that didn't stop our girl from uploading it a second (and third and fourth) time, officially joining the #FreetheNipple movement. Today, she's kind of done it again. Chrissy Teigen showed some serious sideboob in her latest Instagram photo and made a coy nod toward the media platform's nudity rules when she barely covered her nipple with a can of hairspray.

There's been major buzz around the #FreetheNipple movement, and quite a bit of the focus has been placed on the way in which social media platforms censor women's bodies, mostly because that's where the movement began. Women breastfeeding their children or artists boldly displaying period blood are deleted from Instagram's pages while racy images that cater to the male gaze stare up at the user. The hypocrisy of these regulations are where the movement originated, and the campaign has gained traction with stars like Miley Cyrus and Michelle Rodriquez jumping on board. Now, it looks like we can add body positive dream girl Teigen to that list.

While Teigen didn't give us full on nipple today, it's definitely not out of character for her to make a shady jab through the photo. We've got to hand it to her, we kind of love it.

We also love that it's not our girl's first time pushing Instagram's limits. Check out some other times Teigen tempted her instagram photos' fates.

1. Post Met Gala

That towel is hanging awfully low.

2. Granny Panty Realness

She may be rocking granny panties, but she's still giving us body.

3. Direct TV's Side Boob

This ad was sure to get Chrissy close to Instagram's censor machine.

4. KFC: No Clothes Required

There's not really a better way to eat KFC in bed than naked.

5. Chrissy Sees You Instagram No Nudity Close, and She Raises You A Naked Cat.

No nudity, huh Insta?

We fully support Chrissy Teigen joining the #FreetheNipple movement. She's one of our favorite body positive celebs!

Images: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram (6)