Ramona Opens Up About Mario On 'RHONY'

She may have been called the Ramonacoaster in the past, but Ramona Singer is going through some stuff on Real Housewives of New York and deserves the right to be emotional. Over the last couple of years, Ramona Singer and her husband Mario have been the subject of rumors regarding their crumbling marriage. This is the first season Ramona has been without Mario, and it is understandably difficult. With that said, I've actually really liked Ramona this season. She seems, to use one of her many brand names, renewed. But just because she's acting strong most of the time doesn't mean she can't let her guard down, which is exactly what happened while the women vacationed in Turks and Caicos.

While in paradise, Bethenny Frankel and Ramona got on the subject of Ramona and Mario's marriage. Ramona said that Mario is apart of her. They were together for so long, how could he not be? It's then that she and Bethenny break down. I'm talking full on sobs regarding the marriages that they both have lost recently (both public, too).

And while this seems kind of invasive to be watching as a viewer, it was really nice to see both women let their guards down and show their vulnerabilities. I can't imagine what either of them are going through, but I am happy that they have the company of each other (and the other women) to work through these times.

Later, Ramona opened up even more about her marriage with Mario to Heather (HEATHER). Personally, I thought this was going to start a huge confrontation at dinner and I thought, here we go, but it didn't. It started an honest conversation between two women that usually don't get along. It was refreshing.

Heather asked Ramona about advice for her marriage, stating that she and her husband fight about the same things. Ramona told Heather that they are both very strong women who are married to weaker men (she didn't say weaker, but it was similar). Because opposites attract, that's why they worked. But over time, Ramona says, what once drew Mario to her became the thing that detracted him from her.

It was a very open and honest moment from Ramona, who usually doesn't open up very much on the subject of her marriage. I thought it was a turning point, but then Ramona flipped back to being "manic" as Bethenny said. Oh, well. I guess that's why we love her, right?

Images: Nick Valinote/Bravo