Pharrell's Got Something Pretty Cool Cooking

Pharrell is not content with just being blindingly adorable and also unfortunately part of the summer's most misogynistic music video — no, he's got his own stuff to work on, including this impressively innovative 24-hour music video for "Happy" Pharrell's got going. Called "24 Hours of Happy," the whole thing is pretty damn cool, especially if you're a Pharrell fan. It's all in promotion of — you guessed it! — "Happy," which is his song on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack.

Living up to its name, you can literally spend 24 hours watching this music video, as it cycles through different (and differently interactive) music videos. There is a lot of goofy dancing to be found therein, from Pharrell and others, and you can leave and re-enter the music video at any time.

You gotta hand it to the dude and his creative team, it's a pretty clever viral marketing move, and it works really well with the song itself and its tone. And sure, it doesn't involve comedians Drew Carey or Marc Maron lip-synching like Bob Dylan's new interactive music video, but we still dig it.

Unfortunately, the song itself is only four minutes long — we doubt there'd be anyone sticking around for an entire 24 hours of the song repeating itself, though then again, we're not even sure that was the point.