Dress Like You're In 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Put on your rose tinted spectacles and channel The Grand Budapest Hotel 's fashion. If you have yet to watch this incredibly beautiful movie, you need to run to your nearest movie store, click to your favorite online store, or purchase it as a download — I don't care how you do it (as long as it's legal), but do it now!

Finished? Amazing right? I just love Wes Anderson and the way he creates worlds, not just stories, for the viewer to become completely immersed in. For me, his films feel like warm technicolored or pastel hued cocoons, which I eagerly envelope myself in to escape the monotony of blockbuster movies. I emerge feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, inspired, and motivated to work on my own creative endeavors.

Anderson's meticulous eye for detail was used to its full capacity throughout creating The Grand Budapest Hotel. In an interview with It's Nice That, Annie Atkins, the movie’s graphic designer, said that Anderson even went so far as to write the newspapers that featured in the film. She explained, "For each paper, Wes Anderson wrote every single story, whether or not they were directly in shot, or anything at all to do with the film’s overall narrative."

The costumes created for The Grand Budapest Hotel are just on another level. The same fine attention to detail has been applied to all of the outfits seen throughout and consequently, they add to the depth and richness of the movie. IMO, the costumes seen in The Grand Budapest Hotel serve as fantastical style inspiration for summer.

So without further ado, here's how to channel The Grand Budapest Hotel and look as if you just stepped out of a Wes Anderson wonderland.

Choose Pastel Pinks & Powder Blues

If you were to ask anyone the predominant color of The Grand Budapest Hotel they would surely answer: pink. The hotel itself is painted gorgeous pink tones and the color of the Mendl's Patisserie boxes — which play a very important role in the movie — is baby pink. Mendl's boxes are too cute and they are finished off with an adorable blue ribbon; the boxes themselves look almost good enough to eat, never mind the treats inside!

Powder blue makes a star performance in the sweet and smart Mendl's uniforms when the two male leads, Gustave and Zero, don the blue garb.

Follow the sugary sweet color scheme of The Grand Budapest Hotel and choose feminine pastel blues and pinks this summer.

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The Smart/Casual Camel Coat

Lobby boy Zero's love interest is the brave and talented baker Agatha who works at Mendl's. Agatha is often seen in muted colors such as beige, which, funnily enough, makes her stand out amongst all of the vibrantly dressed guests and employees of the hotel.

She is often seen with blue accents, such as a baby blue scarf, which appears to symbolize the importance of her job at Mendl's — powder blue is a color strongly associated with the patisserie as previously mentioned. Wear your camel coat with powder blue accents like Agatha to keep your look summery and fresh.

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The Purple Uniforms

The uniforms of the front of house workers in The Grand Budapest Hotel are a sumptuous royal purple. I would imagine this color was picked to symbolize the grandeur and splendor of the hotel, while also allowing the employees to stand out against the lighter, brighter shades of the hotel's interior. Apply this shade to your workwear wardrobe to exude luxe vibes; gold button detailing will earn you major fan girl style kudos.

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The Extravagant Guest's Style

The Grand Budapest Hotel attracts a wide range of wealthy clientele, many of whom are extravagantly dressed. Follow suit this season and dress to impress in lavishly decadent, vintage style gowns fit for a Madame.

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The Maid's Dress

Who knew that Léa Seydoux of Blue Is the Warmest Color played a maid in The Grand Budapest Hotel? The cast is so incredibly star-studded that it's hard to keep track of all of the fabulous actors and actresses who were a part of this whimsical film. If you wish to get deeply into character, why not channel the maids of the hotel with cute, maid inspired frocks?

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Images: American Empirical Pictures; Indian Paintbrush; Babelsberg Studio; Giphy (7); Courtesy Brands