8 Lessons Chandler Bing Taught Us About Sarcasm

Even though the Friends series finale aired an amount of time before today that I won't specify here because it makes me feel like an old crone, that might not be the worst thing. I think it's safe to say we'd all love new episodes, so we could see how things are turning out for Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey, but, barring a reunion (please please please please please), we get to focus our full, unwavering attention on the 10 existing seasons of Friends without any distractions. We can re-watch to our hearts' content, memorize dialogue, and, most importantly, milk every last lesson out of what the characters are trying to teach us. Which, in the case of Chandler Bing and his sarcasm, is actually a surprising amount.

I know, I know, you wouldn't think we had a lot to gain from old Chandler, since all he ever does is joke all the time, but all it takes is about seven full viewings of the series to discover that that point of view is very very wrong. Below the surface of his witty repartee and refusal to take anything seriously is a dude who actually knows a whole bunch about life. Making people laugh is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your arsenal, and we all have a lot to learn from Chandler and his particular brand of sarcasm. So listen up, because seriously — could this guy be any more wise?

1. Use Your Sarcasm For A Specific Purpose

It can be tempting to use your gift across the board, almost as a weapon, but try to isolate it to the area of your life where you need it the most. Maybe that's interactions with the opposite sex, or survival at work, but, regardless, the more specific you make it, the better off you'll be.

2. Say Your Deal

One of the beautiful things about sarcasm is that it allows you to get away with saying things you never normally could. Whether it's as a server at a restaurant, saying deadpan to a table, "Wow, you guys are my nightmare," or taking the more traditional Bing word-vomit approach, you get to say exactly what you feel, and the people you're saying it to simultaneously take it as a joke while still absorbing its meaning. It's like a magic trick.

3. Every Gesture Can Be Improved By A Sound

And, if you're not using them together, you're wasting your talent.

4. It's Not Embarrassing To Be Genuinely Excited About Something

A lot of people think being sarcastic means being detached, but it's a defense mechanism to protect you from the bad stuff, not the good stuff. Let the good stuff affect you!

5. Never Be Afraid To Let Someone See You Acting Like An Idiot

When you don't care what other people think of you, it makes your sense of humor (and your life!) that much more effective, because you aren't so desperate for people to make you laugh. It's about what you like, and what's fun for you. Confidence like that is so powerful that people can smell it on you, and it makes them more likely to relax and laugh.

6. ...Because Sometimes It Encourages Them To Do The Same Thing Back To You

The good ones will reward you by looking dumb in front of you right back! And, real talk, that's how you find the love of your life: the person who's brave enough to let you see them making a fool of themselves.

7. You Don't Have To Be On All The Time

Hey, you're not a dancing monkey for these peoples' amusement; sometimes you need to take a second for yourself and just rest without it being your job to make everybody laugh.

8. Sometimes There Truly Is No Better Comeback Than "Shut Up"

Don't overthink it. This is sarcasm, not rocket science.

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