5 Songs Fergie Should Sing to Her Son Axl

Apparently, Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel have been writing songs together. Don't worry, they aren't releasing a couple's duet single à la Katy Perry and John Mayer anytime soon. Instead, they write "little home-written" tunes to sing to their three-month old son, Axl. The couple usually sing these songs together, in two-part harmony. Imagine: Fergie and Josh singing in harmony to their child. What could be more adorable?

In case Fergie gets tired of writing new material for her infant, we have some suggestions from her back catalog. Maybe baby Axl wants to hear some Fergaliscious from before he was conceived, and here are my top picks.

5. Clumsy

The music video for this gem happens entirely inside a CGI pop-up book. And what do babies love more than pop-up books? There is also a call-and-response between Fergie and her backup singers, which I imagine she and Josh could pull of just as well. Baby Axl could even learn to play the backing electronic sounds on a tiny baby keytar. How adorable.

4. Boom Boom Pow

Before anyone objects, yes, I understand that this song has a certain swear-word over and over, so Fergie would have to sing the clean version to Axl. At the same time, this song says "boom" too many times, so if Fergie and Josh get started now, there is a chance Axl's first three words could be "boom boom pow." Also, the music video seems like it has enough flashing lights and colors that it would fascinate a baby.

3. Big Girls Don't Cry

This is another one where Fergie might want to show baby-car-part the video in a few years, if ever. It does feature Mommy in bed with a tattooed man who isn't Daddy, after all. But if Fergie gender-swaps the chorus, she could sing "Big Boys Don't Cry" to her son while he teethes. That would probably make him cry more, but it's the thought that counts.

2. Fergalicious

Eventually, we all have to what our parents were like before they were parents. Baby Axl is no different, and this song is a veritable "young and wild Fergie" encyclopedia. Hopefully mom cuts out the scenes where she cake-frosting wrestles before she shows him the music video, though, because that could scar a kid.

1. Where is the Love

Call me cheesy, but this song makes me smile a sad smile every time I hear it. Fergie worries about Axl listening to "mommy's rap" because of profanity, but this song not only does not swear once, it has a positive message for her little guy. Plus, the image of Fergie and Josh singing this together to their child might cause a surge of good cheer everywhere.