7 Style Lessons From 'Kim Possible'

by Charmaine Simmons

My love for TV shows on the Disney Channel as a kid ran deep. I was a devout fan of almost every Disney Channel series, especially Kim Possible . "Call me, beep me. If you wanna reach me," was my ultimate favorite quote growing up. (Am I alone with this one?) And I cannot be the only person who craved Kim's phone ringtone, either.

Kim Possible was essentially the best show because Kim and Ron (with his naked mole rat) would always fight crime while attending high school (in other words, they were my hashtag goals before hashtags were even a thing). Plus, can we discuss how Kim was ahead of her time by already having "FaceTime" on her cell?! But besides having video calling on her phone, Kim Possible was quite the trendsetting character in terms of fashion.

From cargo pants to blue and white bodysuits, Kim Possible was the show that had all of the stylish looks that we never knew we'd be in love with over 10 years later. As I grow older, I have come to realize how significant of an influence Kim Possible had on my attire, though. From always wearing crop tops to feeling confident enough to rock a bodysuit, Kim Possible has definitely played a role in my wardrobe.

Here are just seven fashion tips from Kim Possible that you can apply to your everyday closet now.

1. Cargo Pants Are Comfy

I always wondered why Kim donned her cargo pants all throughout the television series. It wasn't until I wore cargo pants for the first time that all became clear.

Cargo pants are so comfortable compared to denim. They are not yoga pants or leggings, but they are the most comfortable pants you can wear in everyday situations and not be judged for. I am not fighting crime in my cargo pants like Kim, but that does not matter. I see you fighting crime in style, Kim.

2. The Twins' Green Bodysuit Is Great

I know I am not supposed to be a fan of the bad guys on the show, but hear me out. In an era when bodysuits are the new sexy trend, these green bodysuits seem amazing. I mean, who knew that these green bodysuits would be memorable and even inspiring in terms of style now? I know I didn't. These evil ladies were stylish and I have to give them credit for that. I am still happy that Kim took these baddies down, though.

3. But Kim's White And Blue Bodysuit Is Better

Let's not get it twisted, Kim's bodysuit was better than the twins' bodysuit. The all-white with the sky blue detailing is way more chill and complementary to every skin tone compared to the green one. In defense, I would wear both of the bodysuits because I am adventurous with style. Nevertheless, take a cue from Kim and just wear a bodysuit already. I need to find a white and blue one so I can be twins with Kim, obvi.

4. Do Not Fear Clashing Colors With Hair Color

One of the things my mom always told me growing up was that clashing clothing colors with your hair color can be unappealing, so I shouldn't color my hair random colors. While this did not stop be from dyeing my locks (sorry mom), it did have me scared to wear certain colors with my dyed hair. At least until I looked back at previous episodes of Kim Possible. Kim would wear whatever color she wanted with her luscious, ginger hair and she killed every look. Seeing this proved that you can wear whatever color clothing you want with any colored hair. It's all about your confidence.

5. Baseball Caps Are Better Backwards

Baseball caps will always be stylish. However, the way you wear them can increase or decrease the level of cool they have. Kim always rocked her baseball cap backwards at work because clearly she was the definition of cool. Kim shows us that you can definitely turn anything — including your work hat — into a fashion statement.

6. Gold Chains Are Not Just For Rappers

OK, this huge dollar sign gold chain is not really that stylish, IMO, but it taught me and others an important fashion lesson. A gold chain can add a great finishing touch to almost any look. My only tip is to choose a smaller one than the naked mole rat did. I mean, we are not all rappers but that does not mean we cannot have some bling bling. Am I right?

7. Crop Tops Are Forever And Always

You could always find Kim wearing a crop top. While this was the prime time when almost every teenage girl was donning a belly revealing top, we can still take this styling advice from Kim now. Kim's signature olive green and black crop tops are great in every woman's wardrobe. Those colored tops can be paired with virtually anything in your closet.

Images: Disney Channel; oliv_criss/Twitter; disneycutiepies, thejumpshopadelaide, kim_possible_1994/Instagram