13 Pizza Fashion Items You Need In Your Life Now, Because How Can You Not Love Pizza Enough To Wear It?

I love pizza, you love pizza, we all love pizza. So what better way to show our adoration and devotion than to wear pizza fashion? No, I didn't just make that up. Pizza fashion is a thing. As previously established, we all love pizza, so why not wear it on our shirts, sweaters, and jewelry?

Pizza is a lifestyle, and it's not kidding around. Pizza products are everywhere, and they're not just about praising the best food in the universe. They also have the ability to add some interesting flair and personality to our wardrobes with graphic t-shirts and cute baubles. All while praising God's gift to the earth. There, I said it.

So open your eyes to the world of pizza fashion with these 13 fun and adorable clothing and accessory pieces. Because while I know you probably have your doubts about how pizza might make it into your wardrobe, I bet you'll be drooling for a slice once you're through with this pie.

Get it?

Denim Jacket

Your love for pizza deserves to be shared far and wide, and wearing it on the back of your jacket is the easiest way to start. With a large print and an eye-catching design, this jacket will help spread the love of pizza wherever you go.

Pizza Denim Jacket, $35,

Midi Ring

And if you’d much prefer showcasing your love for pizza in a less dramatic way, there’s always the accessory route. This tiny midi ring with a pizza charm on it is a great option. Just look at how cute it is!

Jane’s Tiny Things Pepperoni Pizza Midi Ring, $15,


Yes, this is a men’s tank top. But who says a woman can't rock it? Especially when the pepperoni and cheese on it is so real… Excuse me while I clean up my drool over here.

Pizza Print Tank, $15,

Phone Case

We live in a day and age when even phone cases are considered accessories, and the pizza prints don’t have to stop there. This pizza covered phone case is easily more stylish and cool than any other phone case out there. Plus, it will always make you hungry for pizza. But it’s not like that wasn’t true anyways, amirite?

Mr Gugu & Miss Go Pizza iPhone 6 Case, $22,


Co-ords are major for summer, and what better way to rock the trend than with a version covered in pizza slices? Answer: There is no better way. This co-ord is fantastic, and might I say the perfect outfit to go out and eat some pizza in.

O’Mighty Cropped T-Shirt With Pizza Print Co-Ord, $25,, O’Mighty Mini Body-Conscious Skirt With Pizza Print Co-Ord, $27,

Tank Top

Of course I like pizza more than I like people. What kind of a question is that? Unless you can buy me a slice of pizza right now, there’s no way I’m reconsidering.

Pizza Party Tank Top, $20,


If you’re into the '90s fashion revival and have a major love for pizza, these shoes are the answer to your prayers. In a classic creeper style with a fun pizza graphic all over it, they’re bound to be your new favorite shoes.

Pizza Slip On Creepers, $85,

Graphic Tank Top

Cats and pizza? You can have the best of both worlds with this graphic tank top. Easily one of the weirder items in this slideshow — I don’t know why anyone would want a cat made out of pizza — but hey, whatever works.

Pizza Pie In The Sky Top, $25,


This sweater is so realistic, I wish I could reach into my computer screen and just eat it. If you wear it, don’t be surprised if you walk by people drooling. Because I know I would be.

Pepperoni Pizza Sweater, $60,


Who says there’s an age limit for pizza parties? I admit, I totally had a pizza party for my 12th birthday, but there’s nothing stopping me from having another one this year. And, ahem, this bracelet would be the perfect gift.

Pizza Party Bracelet, $55,

Skull Graphic

Next time you order pizza, don’t be afraid to scare the pizza guy with this graphic tank top. Or, save it for October and the next Halloween. Who knew pizza could be so spooky?

Skull For Delivery Top, $24,


Peeking out from a pair of high top sneakers, or even with your favorite slide-ons, these socks deserve to be showcased. Did you notice how the pizza man has a mustache? So cute!

Pizza Man Socks, $8,


I'm almost always feeling pizza, whether I’m hungry or not. Having this t-shirt in my wardrobe would make getting dressed pretty easy in the morning. Especially when I know that there’s some leftover pizza in the fridge I can eat for breakfast. My mouth is already watering.

Pizza Feelings Tee By Seibei, $25,