22 Breathtaking Photos Of Jupiter & Venus "Dancing" Together In The Western Sky

Stargazers all over the world were treated to a beautiful sight in the western sky on Tuesday night. Jupiter and Venus came close together, appearing just a fraction of a degree apart. Ever since the start of June, the two planets have been gradually approaching each other, like two seductive but coy dance partners, to form what is called, in astronomy terms, a conjunction. Though conjunctions are not exactly rare occurrences, the unusually close proximity and the unparallelled brightness of the two planets still made it an extraordinary sight. If you missed seeing the spectacle with your own eyes, you can still marvel at Jupiter and Venus's dance in some stunning photos.

Earlier this month, NASA issued a release on the ongoing conjunction, providing a timeline and description of the phenomenon at each stage. The most spectacular stage, however, is the culmination of the planet's movements through the month.

Many astronomy enthusiasts took the opportunity to capture the gorgeous planetary dance, and the results are indeed jaw-dropping.

Images: Giuseppe Petricca/gmrphotographer.net; EarthSky/Facebook (8)