9 Life Lessons 'Real Housewives' Taught Me

Bravo's Real Housewives franchise is everything to me. Yes, I know that most of the women are not even actual housewives and that their lives are very far from any normal semblance of reality, but the show is my favorite television franchise, so I am willing to overlook those obvious facts. These women are, usually, much older than me and have everything I dream of having but cannot afford, yet they are somehow so relatable to me as a twenty-something. With the exception of the thankfully cancelled D.C. series, I have learned some valuable life lessons from the Real Housewives in every city.

Their expressions, insults, and most notorious moments have provided me with more than just salacious entertainment. I wouldn't say that we have all the same problems, but there's just so much from these shows that I have been able to apply to my own life. Some of it is serious, solid advice, but a good amount of what I learned is just tongue-in-cheek and pretty humorous. Seriously, watching Real Housewives has actually changed my life for the better. Yes, I know that I'm an obsessive fan and you are probably judging me hard right now, but hear me out. Here are nine real life lessons I learned from watching Real Housewives.

1. Talking Behind Someone’s Back Is Never A Good Idea

Talking about a friend pretty much always comes back to get you. This is especially true when you do it on camera in front of millions of viewers and then get confronted about it on a reunion show. Still, no matter how publicly you gossip, it's detrimental to any relationship. If someone offends you, work out the problem directly or be wary of even more drama — and, for the ladies on the show, a never-ending cycle of back stabbing.

2. You Can’t Invite Everyone To Everything

You’re not required to invite people that you don’t even like to events, but prepare for the backlash when you don’t. Of course, no one wants to feel like people have gathered to gossip about them behind her back, but not everything friends do without you is an intended snub.

3. Learn To Let Go

Dragging out an argument is exhausting for everyone. None of us want to hear about the same thing over and over again in real life — or throughout an entire television season. It is important to let go of anger, move past a desire to be right, and most importantly stop annoying your friends by rehashing the same old story every single day. Sadly, you cannot fast forward through annoying story lines in real life.

4. Stick Up For Your Friends

Real friends show you their loyalty and continue to do so once you’ve left the room — or in some cases in the interview portion of a documentary style reality show.

5. Think Twice Before Taking A Trip With Friends

Every season, I get jealous when the Housewives embark on lavish trips, until they actually get there and I relish in my safety as a viewer at home. A vacation takes quality time to an extreme. There are no timeouts. You have to see your friends when you wake up, at every meal, and at every activity. You’re likely to need a vacation after your vacation.

6. Never Be Too Proud To Apologize

A sincere “I’m sorry” goes a long way with friends. Not all apologies are created equal and it is important to choose your words wisely. Just admit when you’re wrong' it's pretty much always a good idea.

7. Leave Your Man Behind On A Ladies' Night Out

When a man attends a women's night out on Real Housewives, there is hell to pay. Things might not be as extreme in real life, but having some trust that your relationship can stand one night apart is a good thing. Plus, you'll have something interesting to talk about when you reunite.

8. Do Not Host A Dinner Party

You may think that hosting a dinner party is a great way to drink with your girls while being classy, but it is almost never goes well. The difference between a dinner and a full-on party is that you are forced to sit in a confined setting with your guests and continue the conversation. At a conventional party, you have opportunity to mingle and just stick to small talk, but getting liquored up around a dining table always seems to be a recipe for disaster.

9. Money Can’t Buy You Class

No matter where you’re from or how much you’ve earned, money does not equal class. Countess LuAnn knows what's up. Intelligent people will recognize your accomplishments and the others are simply not worthy of your time.

I may not be living in a gated community with my dressed up dogs and my own liquor line, but I've still learned a lot and I'm sure there's more lessons to come.

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