How To Throw A 'Friends' Party That Monica Geller Would Approve Of

Let's be real: Monica Geller was the queen of Friends. Ever-organized and on top of her game, she was always one step ahead of everyone else. Sure, her stellar taste and impeccable attention to detail meant that she could kind of go a little (OK, a lot) overboard when she wanted to get something just right come hell or high water, but her obsessive qualities also had their benefits: Monica knew how to host a killer party. In fact, there ain't no party like a Monica Geller party because a Monica Geller party has, well, Monica Geller. And I'm sure a highlight of each of her soirees for many of her guests was watching her run around like a chicken without a head to make sure they haven't run out of ice.

Though it might be a bit antiquated and "Southern Belle" of me, I think the ability to host a fabulous party is a skill that all ladies and gentleman should acquire as they grow up. For those of you who are too young, too poor, or too lazy to have hosted a bunch of classy soirees just yet, I bring you the definitive guide to hosting a Monica Geller-approved party.

With Monica as your guide, you can host the perfect event easily, be it a fancy dinner party, a high tea, or even a wedding.

Step 1: Invite Your Friends

And make sure that damn post office doesn't lose their invitations.

Step 2: Make Sure There's Booze

Lots of booze.

Step 3: But Be Sure Not To Get Too Drunk

You wouldn't want to take after our Lil' Harmonica and get too drunk at your own event.

Step 4: Make A Killer Playlist

Or invest in a live band. Bagpipes are optional.

Step 5: Clear Out a Space For a Dance Floor

You know, in case anyone wants to do "the routine."

Step 6: Clean Your Party Location (and Then Clean Some More)

Or, at least, throw all your unsightly clutter into the abyss of the junk closet.

Step 7: Make Sure Your Food Is On Point

And always put the marshmallows in concentric circles.

Step 8: Plan Your Night

Always remember to take flag football breaks to baste your turkey.

Step 9: Choose Your Guest List Wisely

Don't invite any haters.

Step 10: Don't Be Afraid To Improvise

Throw two parties if there's a conflict between guests.

Step 11: Pick The Perfect Outfit

And invite all your hot single friends.

Step 12: Document The Evening

(So you can laugh at it later.)

Step 13: Have a Killer Time

And party like it's 1999.

All of these tips might seem like obvious ones to you, but Monica has a knack for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. By attempting to follow in her footsteps, you're already ensuring that your party will be every bit as memorable as one of Monica's. Good luck, hosting hopefuls.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (13)