Could You BE Any More Like Monica Geller!?

Like many '90s kids, I've always had a soft spot for all of the Friends characters. Particularly, Monica Geller's sad love life and obsessive-compulsive tendencies have snuggled into my heart throughout the show's syndicated years. Maybe I was hypnotized by Courteney Cox's emphatic line deliveries, maybe I was a nervous, nerdy adolescent who identified with Monica's inability to be calm or cool... or, maybe, I was just a kid hopped up on sugar who really liked the loud one. Whatever the reason, I've always felt that Monica was the superglue that held the group together, and thus, I've related to her the most.

To be clear, Monica was usually the lame one: she liked rules, keeping things maniacally clean, and bossing around all of her loved ones at every holiday event. But, she proved that sometimes rules and responsibility were important: After all, who made all those Thanksgiving dinners? Who figured out the rules to all those elaborate trivia games the friends used to settle disputes!?! Whose name is on the apartment's lease!?! (OK, Monica's grandmother's, but still.)

Sure, you may not identify with her quite like I do. Maybe you're more of a Joey: less plagued by neurotic tendencies, and more accustomed to enjoying the simpler things in life. Maybe you're a Rachel: driven, confident, and sassy. Whatever your default is, though, you have to admit — we can all be a bit of a Monica sometimes, because Monica got stuff done.

Stop laughing at me, Joey! Here are some of the ways we're all a little like Monica:

If You Weren't Always This Cool

Some of us had to work to be this awesome — meaning there's a sadder, dorkier version of us left behind. That past version is still awesome in their own way... but not as awesome as you are now.

If You Ever Felt Like Your Love Life Was D.O.A.

Your 20s can be a lonely time, because you just have SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE. Thank God for coffee and rent-control, at least. (Or, maybe the latter was just Monica's...)

If You've Ever Been A Huge Dork And Loved Every Second Of It

Why am I wearing knee-high socks and jorts in the middle of this club? BECAUSE I'M LOVING IT!

If Sometimes You Go To Ridiculous Lengths To Prove A Point

You know what? Sometimes you're right about something, and the world needs to know it! What's that phrase? "Stubborn as a Geller!"

If You've Ever Been A Little Immature

I've never been immature.

Have not...

No, you shut up!

I know you are, but what am I.

If You've Ever Felt Like You NEEDED Someone To Like You

It's not that you were being co-dependent, you just needed validation from another human being in order to continue loving yourself. Totally healthy.

If You've Ever Been A Little Competitive...

Remember that time you were playing Monopoly, and you landed on Broadway, and you couldn't afford the hotel, so your cousin took all of your railroads, and you started crying because your vast financial empire had just been dismembered in front of you and your entire family, and then your aunt laughed at you? No? Just me?

Fine! I'll do now what I did then: flip over this table and storm out of the room.

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