'Big Brother 17' Houseguest Jace Is Absolutely Full Of Crap & This One Video Proves It

Hey, Jace! Man. Bro. Soul-skater. Whatever you want to go by. Welcome to Big Brother 17 , Jace. A game where backstabbing, lying, and dishonesty is in the name. You've got one foot out the door for Thursday night, and that moment can't come soon enough after your Big Brother bullying of Steve. For a guy who came into this house with a pretty solid strategy, and a killer social game, all I can think is: Don't let the door hit you on the way out. And don't forget to smile through the boo-ing that could happen for the way you spoke to Steve.

Jace is well aware of his impending Big Brother death. It's really not much of a secret since he's been a backdoor target since the beginning reign of the current HoH. What Jace didn't know was that the people he thought were his friends and allies in the game were also at work to get him out of the house. Week 1, man. It's only Week 1. No one is loyal this early on in the game. Also, it's Big Brother. Did you think people were going to sit you down on the hammock, create a prayer circle, sing a royalty-free song for CBS' sake, and quietly break the news to you as if you were a 7-year-old learning Santa Claus wasn't real?

The thing is, I thought Jace had a great strategy going into this game. During his one-on-one interview with Jeff (swoon), he laid down a game plan that seemed like a pretty good plan. Here are the points Jace made about his Big Brother game that would help him win.

  • Play every aspect of the game.
  • Don't go in with the idea that something can't happen.
  • Be the Evel Dick. Be hated.
  • Be determined, and push through when you're brought down.
  • Be confident, personable, courageous, and strong.
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From the sound of it, it seemed like Jace had some semblance of a plan going into the house. Then, as it always happens, the unexpected came about... People wanted him out. Jace quickly went from Mr. Popular to Mr. Out The Door On Thursday. Joey 2.0, if you will.

For his final swan song, Jace contradicted everything I thought I knew about his Big Brother game when he decided to take his anger out on Steve. Steve! The guy that accidentally told Da'Vonne "he loves her, too." How could Steve warrant this type of verbal treatment? There is a difference between being hated like Evel Dick (and making good game moves), and just being a total ass. Let's go through what Jace said to Steve in his 20 minute scolding.

  • Jace repeatedly demands that Steve looks him in the eye.
  • Jace tells Steve he's the next target.
  • Jace says Steve is screwed.
  • Jace says Steve is in a terrible position.
  • Jace tells Steve people are making fun of him.
  • Jace tells Steve that Steve is a giant joke to the other houseguests.
  • Jace tells Steve that the other houseguests call him names ("Geek Squad McGee, Four Eyes). "Terrible," Jace says. Just not terrible enough for me to repeat them to you.
  • Jace tells Steve he's getting rid of Steve's only friend.
  • Jace tells Steve he has a defect.

So moral of this story, Jace is not chill, you guys. He's completely full of crap. I mean, I think the fact that Jace's life is modeled after Indiana Jones and the thing he's afraid of is "fear," should have tipped us off a lot earlier.

Jace, I'd say I'll miss you, but you seem to get kind of upset when people lie to your face. Your bullying of Steve was uncalled for, beyond game technique, and I'm glad you won't have the chance to do it again.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS