Seth Cohen Gave You Major Boyfriend Expectations

by Kaitlin Reilly

Sorry, Chuck Bass and Logan Echolls: the one TV guy to really steal hearts isn't even close to being a bad boy. Seth Cohen may have been Newport Beach's nerdiest offering, but he was also a 21st century heartthrob. Seth geeked out over comic books, Death Cab, and even the popular girl in school, but for the viewers watching The O.C., he may as well have been a big man on campus. Seth wasn't popular at his school, but I think most fans would agree that out of every character on The O.C., it's Seth whom we'll always hold the torch for.

Of course, there are some downsides to the adulation of this O.C. cutie. The main one? That he pretty much ruined all other men for OC fans. Sorry, but there is just no way that any guy whose girlfriend adored the O.C. isn't secretly being compared to Seth. After all, Seth set the bar so high that even the high-maintenance Summer was happy to have him as a boyfriend. So how did this darling dude ruin all other men for us? Every guy ever has a set of expectations forced upon them by Seth's awesomeness, and here they are:

A Guy Should Remember Everything About You

Is it weird that Seth was so obsessed with Summer that he remembered the fact that she used to feed squirrels in third grade or that she once wrote a poem called "I Wish I Was A Mermaid" that he can still recite word-for-word? Nope, because it's Seth and that's the kind of stuff the dream boyfriends are made of.

A Guy Should Embarrass Himself To Prove His Worth

It takes a lot of guts for an "emonkey" like Seth to stand up in front of Newport's most popular kids and declare his love for Summer, but that's just the kind of guy he is. Take notes, boys.

Grand Gestures Are A Must

"She's the Queen, and I love her. So I guess, that makes me King." Swoooooon.

A Guy Must Be Willing To Make Out In The Rain

In reality, kissing in the rain is actually pretty horrible, as most people forget the fact that you are still freezing cold and in the rain. But in theory, any guy who is down to mack on you while getting soaked is a total keeper.

Big, Romantic Speeches Are Necessary Every Few Months

Because every girl wants to hear the words "it's always been you."

Wit Is The Way To Every Girl's Heart

Forget football players and class Presidents: it's the fast-talking comic book nerd who has totally swept me off my feet.

Sorry, every other man on the planet.

Image: Warner Bros. Television