Jennifer Garner & Jennifer Lopez Are Being Treated Totally Different By The Tabloids After Breaking Up With Ben Affleck

There are at least two Jennifers out there in the universe right now who know exactly how it feels to have loved Ben Affleck and to have to divide many of their worldly possessions with him after a public split. But, more importantly, both Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez understand the injustice of being turned into caricatures by the media while dealing with their painful breakups with the Gone Girl actor. As I mourn the loss of what I always assumed was the strong Hollywood union between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's divorce, I concurrently find myself siding with Garner and even feeling pity for her because this whole mess has to be the fault of big, bad, tall, hot, drinkin', gamblin', partyin', Emily Ratajkowski-lovin' Affleck. Isn't that what all of the tabloids are either implying or coming right out and saying, despite the fact that neither celeb has opened up about what really went sour in their 10-year marriage?

Here's where Lopez comes in and may be able to shed some light on this mystery — or, at the very least, keep us from jumping to conclusions. Way back in 2004, Bennifer, as they were known, called it quits for good after 18 months together, and their final breakup was announced seconds before they were supposed to be married in some elaborate California wedding.

Now, despite the fact that, even back then, Affleck was portrayed in the media as a guy who liked to party, some of the tabloid covers of the day made it clear that no one was throwing a pity party for J. Lo.

A woman like Lopez, assertive, sexy, and strong, wasn't about to take any of Affleck's crap — or so our mags said. In fact, you know what saucy Lopez did while her man traveled to Europe to promote Paycheck back in '04? She pulled off her 6.1-carat pink-diamond engagement ring, threw it down, and got busy partying with ex Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. Or so it was reported by People magazine

Lopez is such a take-no-prisoners predator that she even tried to break up poor, mousy Garner and her stud muffin husband, according to this Australian magazine:

By comparison, here's poor little Garner desperately trying to keep her marriage together. Because, for the purpose of this interesting narrative, it's important that we pretend she isn't drop-dead gorgeous, talented, strong, wealthy, intelligent, and capable of dating any man she chooses.

Jen can only stare sadly at the back of her estranged husband's head while she wonders what she did to make him leave — and on her birthday! Did she not fully support his decisions to ogle other women on set? Should she have done more? Allowed him to pass his seed to one? What?!

Ah, yes. Of course there are other women. Three, four, 14 of them. Garner is so upset she can't even dress herself anymore and has taken to wearing Affleck's flannel shirts (because she probably wants to keep his scent close to her heart).

Just look at Affleck's smirk here. I knew he was trouble. And Garner is devastated. Devastated! Affleck, meanwhile, is totally cool with the idea of living apart from his three children and the one woman with whom he created an entire universe. Look closer — that's model/actress Ratajkowski's photo between them. Most marriages end in divorce because of one woman — not because of myriad unresolved problems.

This last one is my personal favorite:

While Ben is "battling demons" (which may or may not be true, but is hardly the point), Garner is looking longingly in his direction as if to say, "I'm here for you. Open your heart to me and I'll show you all that is right and good in this great world." Affleck is the problem. Garner is the solution. Affleck has failed to accept the solution and now they must divorce — because of him.

No one really knows the reasons that led to their decision to divorce because those reasons are hardly ever black and white. Tabloids create stories with villains and heroes because people want to root for and against someone. I actually remember reading this quote by J. Lo from her memoir True Love about her breakup with Affleck because it shared little in common with the way she was portrayed at the time:

It felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest. And when the realization that I wasn't going to have the fairytale family I wanted really set in, well, that was when I really started to fall apart.

Wait, that was written by Lopez, the heartbreaker? Next I'm going to find out Garner isn't being physically forced to sign those divorce papers. The world is a confusing place.

Images: InTouch; Famous; National Enquirer; Star; Us Weekly