'Wonderland' Shows Us Alice's Past

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland took the time to give us a little more background on our heroine this week in "Who's Alice." It's fitting, since we've already spent the last three weeks getting major backstory on the Knave, Jafar, and the Red Queen. So what do we learn about Alice? In essence, we learn that she's a daddy's girl who just wants to be happy — and that her father is actually kind of awesome, despite Alice's personal issues with him. In honor of him, I thought I'd write him a letter, just to let him know that he's not the bad guy.

Dear Alice's Dad,

It would have been really easy for Wonderland to make you the villainous parent, but they didn't do that. You might feel bad about sending Alice to the mental institution, but don't worry: We all get it.

Not only did your daughter disappear, she did so twice. The second time, she was a full-grown adult who just chose to run away to god knows where. (She says Wonderland, and, sure, it turns out to be true, but how could you know that?) When she finally returns and stumbles upon her half-sister, your daughter with you new family, you immediately welcome her back to the family with open arms, even though her wicked stepmother is clearly not on board.

And about that second family: Alice tries to make you feel guilty for moving on with your life, but don't! What you've done is extremely healthy and Alice was being a selfish brat to make you feel otherwise. You did not quickly forget about her and her mother. Just like you said, you spent years in mourning before you realized that you deserved to be happy. Like father, like daughter, because Alice's biggest hurdle to her own happiness is often herself. Maybe when you go to Wonderland with Jafar next week, you can have a heart-to-heart with her about that.

Speaking of her own happiness, Alice spent this week in quite a pickle and really could have used a good talking to from her old man. She ran into the dark woods and ended up in a magical cove that enchants people into staying and forgetting who they are. She was feeling genuinely happy, and even though it was a false happiness, she almost gave up everything for the feeling. Thankfully, the Knave was there to talk her back down, since you almost had a tree for a daughter. (Did I forget to mention that if she'd stayed there much longer, Alice would have become another tree in the forrest?) Your little girl needs you, man.

Now, like I said, all of Alice's stories about Wonderland and Cyrus the Genie are actually true. I'm sure you are just going to flip when you realize that next week, but you seem really excited that she's not crazy in the previews and good on you for admitting you were wrong. I also hope that you get to meet Cyrus because he's really a stand-up guy and I think you'll approve of him.

Anyway, just keep being you. You're a great dad and Alice was being harsh to say anything else. You tried your best. She was a difficult kid. We all sympathize with you. I can't wait to see you again next week and I'm sorry that it has to be as Jafar's hostage.

love, love, love,


What did you think of Alice's backstory?

Image: ABC