Watch This Dog Say "Mama" Before The Baby Can, Proving That Sibling Rivalry Exists No Matter What Your Species — VIDEO

Familial instincts, apparently, extend far beyond the parent-child relationship. And by that loaded sentence I mean: This dog says mama when the baby can't, and it's sad but also hilariously endearing. To set the scene, there's a baby (who, by the way, is rocking a hooded sweatshirt and a scowl, so he is already destined to be a writer in New York). The baby's mother is trying (with little success) to teach the baby how to say "mama." No dice. And then, out of the blue, the dog says "mama." I KNOW. A TALKING DOG. (It's like the talking muffin joke, but oh so much better.)

This dog is not only winning in terms of speech and diction, he's also one-upping this baby, and it honestly makes me a little sad that I'm laughing at the poor thing. But hey, I am, so let's move on from that. A dog's first words are not something to overlook. Just because it's an unconventional milestone doesn't mean it's an insignificant one. (Some might say it's a revolutionary one... because like, does your dog talk? Didn't think so. Not yet anyway.)

Thanks to America's Funniest Home Videos (yeah, they're still going strong), you're about to see a dog say his first words.

But first, just soak in this dynamic duo:


Here's the full video:

BRB I need to call home and see if my dog's talking yet.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube