Meryl Streep Covers 'NeueJournal,' And This New Image From The Shoot Is Stunning

Regardless of whether or not your sartorial summer reading list is full, there's a new publication on the blog that's simply begging to be read — if only for its multitalented debut cover stars. The brainchild of a creative cohort of Hollywood's elite, NeueJournal 's inaugural issue is graced by Meryl Streep, who represents only one member of the magazine's star-studded coterie of cover models. Based upon NeueJournal 's first issue, it seems the next generation of arts publications will equal parts style and substance.

Photographed by Brigitte Lacombe, NeueJournal's images are well on the way to becoming iconic in the world of cinema and aesthetic arts. Moreover, Streep herself admitted to having enjoyed the experience of participating in the shoot. "She always sees the elegant line, the dignity of a stooped posture or the aggressive grace of an uptight one," Streep volunteered in an interview with when questioned about the publication's principal photographer. "She is tirelessly interested in the human face and never stops discovering surprises in every one. Being photographed by her is the only time I don’t mind being photographed — in other situations I feel like a performing elephant."

Slated to be published twice a year, NeueJournal is a carefully curated collection of photographs, writing, and design founded by New York City's NeueHouse, which defines itself as a "private workspace collective" according to its multimedia website.

Within the first issue's 264 pages, readers can find the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Rick Owens, each lending their own unique vision and artistic endeavors to the magazine. Though the publication's first glimpses are tantalizing, it is no strain of the imagination to believe that NeueJournal could easily be the lovechild publication of Love Magazine and W.

Image: neuejournal/Instagram