Meryl Streep Takes The Cover Of "NeueJournal"

As fierce as Meryl Streep may be, even she admits feeling uncomfortable at times during photo shoots. However, such is never the case when Streep's longtime friend and photographer Brigitte Lacombe is behind the lens. Recently, Meryl Streep and Brigitte Lacombe collaborated for the first issue of NeueJournal, a brand new magazine that is going to release this coming Thursday. NeueJournal is a part of the New York creative center, Neuehouse, which provides a private space for entrepreneurs and "ambitious innovators" to pursue their crafts in the arts, tech, fashion and more. Left-brainers, unite!

NeueJournal plans to be a hardcover publication that showcases original content of all creatives alike. There are seven cover photos that have been released as a preview, which include Jake Gyllenhaal, Patti Smith, Rick Owens, Meryl Streep, and three others.

Lacombe and Streep have been friends since 1978 and they both told about how much they enjoyed working with each other on the NeueJournal covers. Lacombe said, "I was very taken by Meryl right away…so luminous and unique-looking, intense and joyous, too," while Streep shared, "Being photographed by her [Lacombe] is the only time I don’t mind being photographed—in other situations I feel like a performing elephant."

If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on a copy of NeueJournal, you can subscribe here.

Image: neuehouse/Instagram