Amazon Is No Longer Focusing On Luxury Fashion & Plans On Working With Mid-Tier Brands Instead

Amazon seems to have become the go-to site for anything from books to cold brew kits, but what you won't be finding there anytime soon are luxury fashion products. According to Business Insider, Amazon is no longer focusing on luxury fashion. Guess they are simply not a match made in online shopping heaven. Despite the brand's efforts to woo high-end retailers, it's come up short for now.

Amazon's been snubbed by the high fashion world more than once, with Louis Vuitton sending the clearest message. Back in 2012, Yves Carcelle, LV's chief executive, straight up told Vogue UK, "Amazon will never sell Louis Vuitton, because we are the only ones that sell it ... This is a model of direct control that we pioneered, and I think long term it is the direction that most luxury ecommerce will take." Ouch.

Louis Vuitton was right, though, and Amazon recently announced a new strategy focusing on mid-tier brands. Jennie Perry, chief marketing officer of Amazon's fashion division, explained, "There has been lot of speculation on us entering the luxury market and that is just not something that we’re focused on right now ... What we are focused on is developing an experience for our large customer base." So while we won't get couture shoes with Prime free-shipping, cool brands like Theory and Lacoste will be available soon.

Despite this announcement, it looks like a little piece of Amazon is still holding up to work its way into the fashion world. According to WWD, the company will sponsor the first New York Men's Fashion Week ever. Maybe then LV will reconsider?

Image: @amazonfashion/Instagram