9 Grown Men Freaking Out Over Puppies, Proving That Puppy Love Knows No Bounds — PHOTOS

Real men like puppies. It is simply a fact. My boyfriend blatantly refuses to get a small dog (which is something I'd really like to do down the road) and I do not understand it. Like, it's not emasculating to have a small dog. On the contrary, really tall men with tiny dogs? HOT. Very, very attractive. What could possibly be better than a gigantic human towering over a dog who is no bigger than a watermelon? Absolutely nothing. That is the dream. (Not just the American dream, the universal dream.)

What I'm really trying to say here is that grown men who freak out over puppies shouldn't be slyly giggled at. They should be celebrated. That should 100 percent be on your list of traits your ideal guy should have. In that regard, the array of gifs I've lined up pays appropriate homage to some hilarious grown men who love their puppies. (It’s truly amazing what you can make when armed with a gif maker and a surplus of YouTube compilations featuring men unwrapping Christmas presents to find puppies inside. Like, this is how you make magic, friends.)

Here are 9 fully grown men who are losing their $h*t over puppies:

1. Dad who meets his puppy in a car


And absolutely cannot contain himself.

2. Guy who opens a box to find a puppy inside


3. Adorable grandpa greets his puppy present


That's a look of excitement money can't buy.

4. Mustache man meets puppies


5. Tall guy meets tiny pup and their love knows no bounds


S/O to BuzzFeed Video for creating a "Giant Men Meet Tiny Puppies" video that I gif-ed into oblivion, because that is the only appropriate reaction.

6. Dude lies down with puppy


7. Guy in gray shirt matches gray pup


Pup aesthetics on fleek.

8. Dude who is in a relationship with his dog (and loving it)


9. Man flips out when tiny pug puppies jump all over him


He's living someone's dream, but perhaps not his dream.

Here's a final round, for your viewing pleasure:

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Images: Getty Images; YouTube(9)