Beauty Vlogger Bella De Lune Paints Poop Emoji On Face To Send A Message To Her Negative YouTube Haters

Well, this is a little strange. Beauty bloggers on YouTube get millions of followers, free swag, and product deals, thanks to their talents. One thing they get (and probably didn't ask for)? Haters. Case in point: Beauty blogger Bella De Lune painted a poop emoji on her face as a message to all of those mean-hearted YouTube commenters out there, and I think they heard her loud and clear.

The artist vlogs on YouTube as @belladelune and has a few thousand followers. Yet, her recent clown tutorial (and hater shoutout) has more than 70,000 views. It looks like the beauty vlogger has garnered more fans thanks to her kickass message.

Apparently, Bella De Lune was dealing with some haters who criticized the way she showcased her craft. This kind of internet hatin' is pretty common. Another artist did a similar hater callout from her critics, while Jaclyn Hill has often commented in her videos that people comment to tell her she "does makeup like a drag queen," and they don't mean it in a nice way, either.

"Personally, I cannot tell you how many times I've been called a clown for the way I use this art form," Bella said in her video. In addition to her clown-like makeup tutorial, she went the extra mile and drew an impressively accurate interpretation of the poop emoji onto her forehead. Why, do you ask, would she do such a thing?

"It's to say that negativity could be around us all the time," Bella said of said poop emoji, "but I can literally blend it away." And she did just that - blended it into her forehead like it was just another age-old contouring hack she's had up her sleeves. It not only was super impressive, but it made me laugh and cheer.

Watch the video below to see it for yourself. Cheers to you, Bella De Lune! Perhaps you should include more emojis in your future tutorials

belladelune on YouTube

Image: Bella De Lune/YouTube