Tresscove App Teaches All Types Of Beauty Tricks

by Stephanie Chon

Although YouTube has become really saturated with a variety of beauty and hair tutorials, it can still be hard to find the right video for you to follow along with. But tutorials just got a whole lot easier with the beauty app, Tresscove. The content in the app feature step-by-step picture tutorials, which makes it super user-friendly as you can just swipe through each step and take your time.

Often times with makeup video tutorials, it can be hard to keep up with and you find yourself constantly pausing and rewinding the video. But I, as well as the creator of Tresscove Kayla Arias, get how videos have their own pros too — you get to see the technique and the application all in action. So, whether you're more of a photo person or a video lover, you'll have both options available in the app.

Video tutorials only lasts up to two minutes, which is great because that means watching a how-to on how to contour isn't that big of a commitment, like some YouTube videos may be. Think of all the time you're saving, as well as all of the different lessons you could be watching in the time it used to take to watch one entire YouTube makeup video!

Arias originally created the app so that women can help empower each other through sharing beauty secrets and tips. She told Allure, "I was inspired by the way in which the natural-hair community had empowered women, including myself, to love themselves and their natural hair, all through sharing beauty tutorials." As a result, to continue growing the community, Arias created Tresscove.

If you happen to already know all the best beauty tips and perhaps are looking to become a beauty blogger, this app will allow you to upload your own tutorials in either the photo or video formats. If you want to join the community, the app is available for free on iOS devices.

Happy beauty tutorial-ing!

Image: Tresscove/iTunes; tresscove/Instagram