Kim K Endorsed Hillary. How Did Clinton Respond?

During a talk yesterday at San Francisco's esteemed Commonwealth Club of California, Internet-breaker Kim Kardashian West endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The Q&A session was hosted by Judge LaDoris Cordeel, the first female African American judge in Northern California, and spanned a wide variety of subjects, from gun control to Spanx. According to the Daily Beast, when asked if she thought Clinton could become the first female president, Kardashian West responded, "I hope so!" The conversation later turned to a discussion of the maternity Spanx that Kardashian West was wearing to conceal her cellulite.

The reality TV superstar now joins the ranks of other celebrity Clinton supporters such as 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Wilde, and (possibly) Beyoncé. Celebrity endorsements are beginning to roll in for Clinton, who has begun to gain a reputation not only as an experienced politician, but also as a celebrity in her own right.

However, Kardashian West's endorsement is a big one. With a social media following of more than 94 million people, the Daily Beast estimates her fan base is larger than the populations of Egypt, New Zealand, and Australia combined. Though much of that 94 million are likely below the legal voting age, Kardashian West still holds sway over a formidable voting bloc.

So how does Clinton feel about her newest supporter? After all, Clinton was once compared to Kardashian West by Newt Gingrich, the father of asinine comments. It was meant to be an unfavorable comparison, to undermine Clinton's authority. And let's be real. It's Gingrich, so it was probably intended to be horribly sexist as well. After being insulted with the comparison, I imagine it's a little awkward to now count Kardashian among her voters. Here's how we imagine Clinton's reaction went.

Stage 1: Disbelief

"Wait, wait, you're trying to tell me that Kim is in favor of gun control, same-sex marriage, and me being president? Very funny Frank. Go get me an iced tea."

Stage 2: Awkward Sheepishness

"Oh, whoa, the article is up on Politico. She really did say those things. You know, she makes kind of a good point. And I am awesome."

Stage 3: Acceptance

"She has how many social media followers? Do you think she'd be willing to do some twittering for me?"

Stage 4: Excitement

"Does anyone have her number? Do you think we could get Kanye on board? Do you think I could make an appearance on the show? You know, Bill absolutely loves it. He watches it every week."

Stage 5: Planning

"Did we ever get official word from Beyoncé? Someone follow up with her."

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