Jace Streaks On 'BB17' & No One Laughs With Him

When in doubt, streak it out. That's the saying, right? On Big Brother 17 , Jace streaked through the backyard, kindly taking it upon himself to lighten up the house after a tension-filled BoB competition. Isn't he just a ball of fun? Oh, wait. Everyone wants you out of the house, Jace. Your little stunt wasn't the LOL moment you were hoping for, but instead it was a major eye-roll moment that probably hurt you more than helped you. Oh well, just giving everyone another reason to send you out to Julie Chen on Thursday.

Despite the editing on Wednesday's show, according to the feeds, Jace actually streaked through the backyard after the house played the Veto competition. The fact that it happened post-Veto competition is actually important, because if it was his attempt at trying to convince the house that he should stay because he brings the laughs and entertainment, it didn't work. Not one person in the backyard laughed. (Because let's be honest, the person we wish went streaking was busy spotting Steve at the weight bench.)

Even Austin, Jace's current best friend, was like pump the breaks, my man. No one wants to be associated with Jace at this point it seems, not even Judas in a top hat.

If Jace really wants to help save himself, he needs to start campaigning with a real argument for why he should stay. I can't think of any valid arguments right now — probably because I saw him out of the house since the "'Rado" incident — but he needs to sit people down and fight. Not streak. And if he does streak again, I hope he doesn't miss the front door.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; BigBrotherSpoilers/Tumblr