Did Jeff & Jackie Hook Up On 'The Amazing Race'? This 'Big Brother 17' Couple Arrived In The House With Some History

It's the biggest crossover event since Lena Dunham was on Scandal. (Remember that? That was weird.) The Amazing Race favorites Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra have joined Big Brother 17 as house guests, and perhaps one of them will get closer to winning this time. Big Brother boss Julie Chen introduced Jeff and Jackie to the team last week as one of the big twists, introducing some drama to the game. For the uninitiated: Jeff and Jackie competed on The Amazing Race 26. One of the big twists of that show that season was having both real couples and blind date couples compete. Yes, Jeff and Jackie had never met before, and were suddenly running around the world together: a dream honeymoon, but a first date nightmare. Now Big Brother fans are left wondering, did Jeff and Jackie hook up on The Amazing Race ?

It's a valid question when applied to Big Brother, mainly because, with Jeff and Jackie having come into the house together, all the house guests are suspecting that they might either have an alliance, or form one. Jeff has been doing everything he can to distance himself from Jackie — especially since she's been put on the block as a pawn this week — but there will inevitably be a target on both of their backs soon enough. Are they a couple? Did they used to be a couple? Is it likely that they will have each other's backs in this game? Well, for now, probably not.

Fans of the The Amazing Race were excited by Jeff and Jackie's chemistry. Even though they had never met before, there was clearly a spark. Despite ample opportunity, however, they never actually hooked up. According to Reality TV Magazine, they were too busy competing to hook up during the show, and Jeff was reluctant to start a long-distance relationship. As Jeff told TV Guide, "Long-distance relationships — I’ve done them before and they just don’t work. I have no interest in trying to pursue one. I wanna be able to interact and see the person I’m dating every day.”

As luck would have it, seeing the person every day is what Big Brother is all about. So a hookup might be bound to happen. They have an immediate connection, and, for now, we can trust that they will both be in the house for awhile. Though, in Wednesday's episode, Jeff appears to be trying to hook up with Meg, don't lose hope, *Jefkie* 'shippers. There is hope Big Brother might bring these two back together emotionally.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS