This Trailer Is Too Wet, Hot & American To Handle

Netflix kickstarted the modern phenomenon of saving beloved, canceled TV shows when they picked up FOX's Arrested Development for a fourth season back in 2013. Now the streaming service is once again resurrecting a cult-classic comedy, because, in case you haven't heard, turning Netflix is turning Wet Hot American Summer into a TV show of eight episodes set to premiere this July. After a slew of promotional stills and shot teasers, Netflix has finally released the first full Wet Hot American Summer trailer for the season... and it's wet, hot, and glorious.

The entire original cast — including such comedic heavyweights as Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, Molly Shannon, David Hyde Pierce and many, many more — is returning for Netflix's revival... and, despite the fact that these actors are all now in their 40's and 50's, First Day Of Camp is actually a prequel, taking place earlier in the same summer featured in the original film.

The trailer returns us once more to Maine's Camp Firewood, and it's packed to the gills with everything a Wet Hot fan could hope for: oversized personalities, horny teens, inept counselors, shell-shocked chefs, and talentless talent shows. Here are nine of the best moments to get you pumped for First Day Of Camp, opening July 31.

1. Sweet Sixteen... Again

The trailer wastes no time in pointing out the oddity of 40 year old men and women playing teenage camp counselors. H. John Benjamin (of Bob's Burgers) starts the trailer off with a speech: "Some of you were campers last year. But now, you're all 16 or 17 years old." Cut to: the decidedly post-pubescent cast, nodding agreeably.

2. Making An Entrance

Paul Rudd's hilariously obnoxious counselor Andy makes his grand entrance on the back of a motorcycle... which he jumps off of in dramatic fashion, strutting away as it crashes to the ground. (Who knew Andy would grow up to be Ant-Man one day?)

3. Drrrama!

Poehler and Cooper return as the world's most enthusiastic, committed, overzealous drama instructors. This dynamic duo could not possibly look more excited as they welcome campers to "Camp Firewood's Summer Theater Program!" (Cooper may be racking up major awards recognition for his dramatic roles lately, but it's refreshing to see him return to the comedic roots that made him famous.)

4. This Leotard

Enough said, I think.

5. Kung Fu Hustle

Christopher Meloni (Oz, S.V.U., True Blood) reprises his role as camp chef Gene, who's also a Vietnam War veteran. Here, he shows off his mad combat skills to fellow returning counselors A.D. Miles and Janeane Garofalo, as well as new cast member Jason Schwartzman.

6. Always Bring Protection

Banks is transitioning seamlessly from this summer's smash comedy film Pitch Perfect 2 to this summer's sure-to-be-smash comedy TV show. Not bad. In the trailer, her sexually liberated Lindsay can be seen receiving a diaphragm from Nurse Nancy. No, literally. From Nurse Nancy. (Better safe than sorry, I guess.)

7. Let's All Stroke Together

After the trailer reacquaints us with all the film's familiar faces, it starts introducing us to all the new cast members — starting with Kristen Wiig, who can be seen tantalizing a group of young men (including The Good Wife's Josh Charles) with her offer to go "rowing" with her. "We can find a coxswain," she says seductively.

8. Don Draper Returns

The trailer then zips through a long list of famous names joining the camp for the first time (Jordan Peele, John Slattery, Michael Cera, Chris Pine, and Weird Al among them), but it saves the best for last. "And introducing Jon Hamm," the text boldly proclaims. Don't worry, Mad Men fans, Don Draper isn't out of work. Apparently First Day Of Camp will find him playing Chef Gene's war... friend? Enemy? Frenemy? Anyway, he's got either very good aim with a knife — or very bad aim.

9. Bradley Cooper Has Zero Game

The trailer ends with an agonizingly painful flirtation between Cooper's Ben and Michael Ian Black's McKinley. Thank god we know where this is going, because I was afraid that inarticulate series of "what"s and "nothing"s was never going to end.

Check out the full trailer below.

Images: Saeed Adyani/Netflix; Screengrab/YouTube (9)