Watch This Man Do A Secret Happy Dance When He Learns He Is Going To Be A Grandfather — VIDEO

A lot of parents with adult kids can’t wait to be grandparents: After all, being a grandparent means that you get to hang out with adorable children, without the stress of being in charge of someone’s development or the anxiety that goes along with being a new mom or dad. Sounds pretty sweet, right? So it’s no surprise that the parents in this video are totally psyched when they discover that their daughter is pregnant. What ­is surprising (in an awesome, hilarious way) is that the grandfather-to-be does a secret happy dance when he thinks no one is looking.

In 2013, expectant father Justin Hall secretly filmed his wife’s parents' reaction to their pregnancy announcement. In a caption for the resulting video, he writes, “We hid a camera to catch my in-laws reaction when they found out we were going to have a baby!!!! Hilarious!!!” To make the big announcement, Hall and his wife Sarah decorated a wall in their home with baby things and a sign reading, “Baby Hall 4-27-14.” In the video, Sarah’s parents, named Tony and Laura Johnson according to the Daily Mail, walk into the room and take a minute to understand what’s happening. The mom reacts first, asking, “Sarah, are you pregnant?!” As she screams in excitement, the dad just sort of stands there and doesn’t say much – that is, until he’s alone in the room. Then he does this:


SO CUTE. As he leaves, he insists, “I didn’t do nothing!”

Justin Hall on YouTube

Images: silverkblack/Fotolia; Imgur