What Is Rihanna "BBHMM" Music Video About? There Are Deeper Meanings That You Might Not Know About — VIDEO

Rihanna has once again proven to us all that she is Queen with her “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video. After breaking the Internet with her hauntingly fantastic short film, I'm certain that she is currently off somewhere draped in Chanel and counting her coins. Since Bad Gal RiRi dropped the "BBHMM” single in late March, I have been eagerly anticipating visuals to accompany the song. Of course, the pop star did not disappoint; the video is full of dark vengeance, epic cars, and '90s vintage fashion. It is both shocking and sexy, very unlike anything Rihanna has ever done in her videos in the past. However, despite the fabulous, trench coats, blood, and kidnapping, we might need a little help figuring out what Rihanna's “BBHMM” music video is about. It has a much deeper meaning than it first lets on.

In the video, Rih kidnaps her accountant's wife, because he has neglected to pay her the money she’s owed. Coincidentally, in 2012, Rihanna sued her accountant for reportedly losing her $9 million over the course of a year. According to the New York Daily News, Rihanna had $11 million dollars at the start of 2009, and only $2 million at the close of that year. Now, I’m no math expert, but that’s a pretty colossal loss over 365 days. The case has since been settled out of court, and Bad Girl RiRi has bounced back in a really BIG way. Apparently, her net-worth hovers around $49 million today. Still, losing that hard-earned cash would definitely leave a lasting sting on the pop-star, and what better way for her to exorcise her anger and frustration than through art?

“BBHMM" comes from Rihanna's eighth studio album, which will be the follow up to 2012’s Unapologetic. Since the beginning of her career, this is the longest Rihanna has gone without releasing an album, but, if the “BBHMM” video tells us anything, it's that the album will certainly be worth the wait. Though the “BBHMM” video has some really serious themes, it also has some other pretty lighthearted moments.

Here are 11 other things the video could have been about.

1. Getting In Touch With Nature

Leaving the city for a breather is always a good idea, even if you want to just veg out covered in blood and money.

2. Riding In the Elevator With Strangers Is Always A Bad Choice

This is one of my pet peeves, especially considering the fact that I hate small talk. If the blonde woman had waited for an empty car, none of this would have happened.

3. '90s Vintage Caps Made Popular By Janet Jackson Are Apparently Back In Style

Rihanna would definitely know, especially since she is the face of Dior. This hat wasn't even the only fashion throwback in the music video.

4. Snacks Are An Essential Component to Any Road Trip

Without snacks, road trips are pretty much unbearable.

5. Pay Phones Are Not Extinct

I guess I need to stop saying my phone died as an excuse.

6. Rihanna Can Barely Be Bothered

I can't either, RiRi!

7. Pool Parties Can Be Held Literally Anywhere

It seems like all you need is an inflatable pool, some floaties, and a lawn chair.

8. Rihanna's Booty Game Will Always Slay Yours

I'm just going to give up on doing squats now, because Rhianna's derriere is perfection.

9. We Should All Be A Little Terrified of Rihanna

Bad Gal RiRi could totally star in the Fatal Attraction reboot.

10. Rihanna Has Been Watching Dexter & Hannibal

How else would she know how essential it is to cover the furniture with plastic?

11. Rihanna Can Wear Absolutely Anything

How does she still look so stunning covered in blood? Please someone tell me!

Watch the entire video below.

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