I Talked To People On Tinder In 1930s Dirty Talk Using Anais Nin Quotes — And Here's What Happened

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Anais Nin once said, "We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are." If that's true, every guy on Tinder is a throbbing dong. How did I come to this conclusion, you ask? Well, I spoke to about 30 different guys on the dating app strictly in Anais Nin dirty talk and sexy quotes (from her very hot letters to fellow sexy '30s writer Henry Miller and from her writings, like Delta of Venus) and guys, it did nothing to lessen the usual deluge of stupid pick up lines, oblivious small talk, and even a few dick pics.

The thirst is so, so real.

The experiment:

I changed my profile picture to a (regrettably boob-y) shot of me at a 1920’s party, hoping to capture at least Nin’s time period, if not exact look (her finger waves were on fleek, Google it).

I also updated my description from a Jack Handey quote to a reference to Nin’s Franco-Cuban heritage and her repeated hatred of boring-ness. (Which is SO applicable to Tinder, what with its abundance of “Hey” messages).

But don't take my word for it — see for yourself. Here's what happens when you talk to Tinder guys exclusively in Anais Nin quotes:

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