7 Amazing Aries Songs You Need To Hear

When it comes to astrological signs, I'm pretty sure Aries are some of the most complicated and contradictory people out there. Born between March 21 and April 19, they're the first sign of the zodiac and tend to be curious and intelligent, as well as fiery, quick-tempered, ambitious, and really intense. They're natural-born leaders who like setting trends rather than following them, and they hate being told what to do, which works out well, since they often end up as the one telling others what to do in whatever form. Aries are also courageous and stubborn, which seem like bad qualities can actually be strengths that allow them to accomplish their goals and stand out from the crowd.

For a sign that's so fierce and high energy, the music that gets Aries going needs to be on par. Not that Aries can't appreciate a good slow jam when they hear it, but it's the higher BPMs that really kick things into high gear and make Aries ready to conquer the world. From Rihanna to Jess Glynne, these songs should get any Aries moving and pumped to make big things happen. Not that they need any help, but you know how it is.

Rihanna, "Bitch Better Have My Money"

Aries are incredibly ambitious people who aim to be successful in whatever they pursue. It's not all about money, of course, but earning enough to live comfortably is a huge motivating factor to the sign, and they take their livelihood incredibly seriously. In other words, don't mess around with their cash.

Ellie Goulding, "Burn"

Being fire signs, Aries are always feeling the "burn", so to speak. They're passionate in all they do, and that includes romance, so this Ellie track totally speaks to the sign. The fire swallows up everything else, and that's just the way Aries like it.

Florence + The Machine, "Shake It Out"

Because Aries live life at such a hectic pace, sometimes things can become overwhelming and their impulsive ways can get the better of them. When it happens — when life feels like it's going to swallow them whole — they have to step back and re-ground themselves so they're ready to start again.

Drake, "Worst Behaviour"

Aries tend to consider themselves to be pretty hardcore in everything they do, and just as they work hard, they play even harder because they earned it. They enjoy taking time out to be bad, within reason, and they don't regret it in the slightest.

Jess Glynne, "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself"

Because Aries are such go-getters, they can be incredibly hard on themselves when they fail, or when things don't turn out exactly as planned. But sometimes things don't work out not because they did anything wrong, but because that's just life. Aries need to remind themselves of this more often.

Sade, "Smooth Operator"

This one might seem like a strange choice (although, when is Sade ever wrong?), but just as Aries can be brash and intense for some people, they also have a natural charm and charisma that draws others towards them for unexplainable reasons. Embrace it.

Nicki Minaj featuring Beyonce, "Feelin' Myself"

This one doesn't need much explaining, right? I didn't think so.

Image: Getty Images