Liz & Julia On 'BB 17' Don't Look Exactly Alike

When Julie Chen announced that Big Brother 17 would be incorporating the Twin Twist, I was happier than Victoria learning Franke Grande was related to Ariana Grande on Big Brother 16. Season 5 had Project DNA, which was one of my favorite twists of the entire series, and I couldn't wait to find out who was the twin of Big Brother 17. On Thursday, Julie Chen will reveal who the twin of the house is, although many people on social media are speculating that Liz is the Big Brother houseguest with a twin and believe that she will be sharing the duty as a houseguest with her alleged twin sister Julia. But do these two really look like? A lot of people on Twitter and the live feeds think that they can tell the two apart which will become an issue for the two later in the show when houseguest start to get to know them better.

As somebody who is very good at telling twins apart (grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) I personally believe I can tell a difference between Julia and Liz. Now, if I were living in a house and all I had to look at where the same 15 people I think, if anything, I would be extra observant of differences of peoples' appearances. At the same time I don't know if I would be expecting (expect the unexpected, I know) somebody to be switching places with her twin sister throughout the season, so maybe I'd remain naive. It would certainly make it more exciting if these two could pull the wool over the other houseguests' eyes and make the twist work.

While nothing has been confirmed that these two are actually the twins, we can look at the side-by-side photos that have been posted online of Liz and Julia Nolan to see if they look exactly alike. Let's compare:

While we don't know if Liz is really on the left, and Julia is on the right (they don't wear name tags, unfortunately) even an untrained eye might see a difference between the two photos. The eyes on the right seem to be a little different than those on the left. Then again, the one on the right isn't smiling, which could be why they don't look alike.

I repeat, THE EYES ARE DIFFERENT. This is not paranoia. I will not except it as paranoia. This actual picture of Liz and Julia Nolan shows that their eyes are slightly different.

Another Twitter user noticed that one of the alleged twins is wearing nail polish, while the possible *other* is going bare nail. This just feels a little sloppy to me. The Parent Trap pierced ears to pull of the switch, these two can at least paint nails. (Note: I still think there's a British Lindsay Lohan running around somewhere in the world.)

Others are also saying that there's a bump in "Liz's" nose — but it's really Julia — while the possible "real Liz" doesn't have a bump. At the risk of being the most gullible person in the world, I think I see it.

I'm going to feel pretty silly if the twin turns out to be someone completely unexpected, like James. But for now, I'd bet my money on these two. Now, it's just a matter of if the houseguests can tell them apart. That said, it's hard to say what the future holds for them — things change so often in the house, it can be hard to keep track. So, for all the up-to-date info on Liz and Julia, as well as everything else going on in the house, check out Bustle's very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS