What Your Favorite Pixar Hero Says About You, Because It Means Way More Than You Think It Does

There's a reason that most adults have a soft spot for Pixar movies — these characters were some of the very first heroes and heroines that young viewers were ever introduced to onscreen. Remember watching Toy Story, and thinking that it would be amazing to fight off the evil, toy-torturing bully next door alongside Buzz and Woody? Or, what about when you watched Finding Nemo, and longed to go on deep sea adventures with Marlin and Dory in attempts to find just where Nemo swam off to? I'm not even remotely embarrassed to say that those aren't exactly childhood memories: I'm still all about my favorite Pixar movies and characters, and I can't imagine that will change the more I grow up.

If you're a die-hard Pixar nerd, then you know that there's one 3D-animated hero or heroine whom you have a particular fondness for. Whether it's the scrappy princess Merida who is your Pixar favorite, Lightning McQueen, or even Buzz Lightyear himself, your favorite Pixar character can say a surprising amount about your personality. (So says science, of course.)

But, what exactly do they say? I've compiled a list of the top Pixar heroes and heroines to help you find out — so here's what these brave, quirky, and ultimately amazing characters can tell you about your own personality:

Merida, Brave

You march firmly to the beat of your own drum, and don't really care that certain people don't "get" you. You know yourself well and aren't afraid to say exactly what's on your mind. If people don't appreciate it right away, they usually do eventually.

Mike, Monsters, Inc.

You're a planner, and probably the social coordinator of your friend group — even if you don't like to be the center of attention yourself. You're witty and a tad sarcastic, though you're careful that your jokes never come across as mean-hearted.

Dory, Finding Nemo

You are unfailingly optimistic, and always up for a challenge. Sure, you might be a bit all over the place sometimes, but you make up for it with your creativity.

Flik, A Bug's Life

You are extremely ambitious, but also very, very kind. You want great things for not only yourself, but for the world around you as well. You see the good in everyone, which makes you a great friend, but can sometimes can get you in trouble.

Buzz, Toy Story

You're a bit hardheaded, but that's just because you really, really stand by your convictions. You're brave and willful, which makes you a good leader and a likable person.

Lightning McQueen, Cars

You're a social butterfly who has never had trouble making friends or fans. You consider yourself to be a pretty happy person, and you try to keep the people around you happy as well. Your hubris can often be your downfall, but luckily you try to keep friends around who can keep it in check.

Woody, Toy Story

You were born to lead a crowd, and probably have had political aspirations from a young age. You thrive in the spotlight, and don't love sharing it. Even so, you want the best for everyone, and you try not to let your ego get in the way of the greater good.

Sulley, Monster's, Inc.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself to be the best, even if you know you're happiest living a more care-free existence. You're a people-pleaser who puts the needs of others before your own — but even if that weren't the case, the people around you would love you just the same. At the end of the day, you're a big softie.

Carl, Up

You're a dreamer, but not always a "doer." You live in a world of nostalgia, but are happiest when you get out of your comfort zone in order to try new things. You sometimes have to gear yourself up for adventure, but when you finally do, you are always so glad you did.

Remy, Ratatouille

You're extremely passionate about everything that you do, and sometimes you can get carried away when you find something you truly love. You're a hard worker and very determined to achieve your goals, no matter what the cost.


You are very smart, and are the person that people call upon when they need to get stuff done. You don't have patience for small-minded people are are constantly challenging the status quo.

Helen, The Incredibles

You are independent but are also the first person to help others who need it. You know your worth and aren't afraid to ask for exactly what you need.

Marlin, Finding Nemo

You're a touch neurotic and are prone to emotional outbursts, even though you consider yourself a logical person. You are very giving and try your best to protect others — even if, at times, it comes off as a tad pushy.


You are earnest and very kind. You have a tendency to put the greater good before your own needs, which makes you a great leader. You challenge ideas that don't sit right with you, even if they are given to you by a higher authority.

Bob, The Incredibles

You live in the past, which sometimes gets in the way of your future. It's important for you to feel strong and in control, which means it's sometimes hard for you to accept help even when you need it.

Russell, Up

You are a lighthearted dreamer who thrives on positive vibes. Your boundless energy may exhaust some people, but you're also the person who helps others live out their most fun, adventurous lives.

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