Kitten And Baby Owl Are Best Friends, And Even Taylor Swift Has Nothing On These Squad Goals — PHOTOS

So, a kitten and a baby owl walk into a coffee house in Osaka, Japan. (That's how all good jokes start, right? We don't need a bar involved to make this fun, friends.) In all seriousness, there really is a baby owl (also called an "owlet" — an exceptionally heart melting word) and a kitten hanging out at Hukulou coffee house in Japan. They're forming the world's first ever kitten and baby owl best friendship. Their names are Fuku the owl and Marimo the kitten. They hang, they nap, they make pleasantries with the customers and each other. Really, it's a great time had by all.

At Hukulou, having an owl chill as people enjoy their coffee is pretty average. They sell owl-themed crafts and are thrilled to have owl visitors quite literally swoop in and out of their shop. This is sounding a lot like my worst nightmare because I'm pretty terrified of birds, but if it sounds like heaven to you, then you need to buy a ticket to Osaka. Owl coffee shops are growing in popularity in Japan (and in other parts of the world).

This kitten and owl friendship will undoubtedly be blossoming under the roof of Hukulou. They're probably destined to grow up and hunt for mice together (though, to be honest, I'd rather not picture that).


Which one do you want to pet first?

I'm team kitty.

They are the most perfect pair:

If you can't hear the sultry Jeff Buckley version of "Hallelujah" playing in your head right now, do you even have a soul?

Last one, I swear:

I'm getting a good lesson in camera angles right now too.

Alright, my tear glands have been exerted enough for today. I'm done.