Maddie Ziegler Has A Creepy, Mysterious 'PLL' Role

by Rachel Paige

Pretty Little Liars has taken a few dark turns during Season 6, and now the Liars will find themselves back in a very dark place: Radley Sanitarium. Supposedly, many answers about Charles, the A game, and basically everything else, are hidden inside the walls of the former hospital, so they might as well go back there, right? While we don't know what Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily will find inside just yet, we do know one person that will be waiting for them. Dance Moms' Maddie Ziegler guest stars on Pretty Little Liars this week in "She's No Angel," and her role already looks incredibly spooky. However, that's all we really know about it, because nothing about her character has been revealed.

Many secrets from PLL Season 6 have been kept tightly under lock and key, so the only thing we really know about Ziegler's character is that she's in Radley, and the tiny dancer is going to break out some creepy moves, too. At this time, it's really any one's guess just who she is, and what she's doing inside, so we might as well widely speculate. Hey, whatever we come up with for Ziegler can't be any worse than the crazy ideas running through our heads about Charles. Check out Ziegler in the "She's No Angel" promo below to fully understand the level of scary we'll be dealing with on Tuesday night.

Here are a few characters Ziegler could be playing based on that brief glimpse from her PLL appearance.

She Was Left Behind

In my mind, I'm picturing a really twisted scenario in which, after Radley was closed, all of its patients were sent to other facilities, but somehow Ziegler's character was left behind. Now she's roaming the halls of Radley alone, waiting for someone to come back and find her. However, all of the time alone has only compounded her issues, leaving her in a very unstable, possibly dangerous state.

She's A Zombie

So what if I'm just waiting for PLL to go the zombie route? Do you realize how many characters have died over the past five seasons? Don't you kind of want to see them come back to life? (Starting with Ian, of course.) Well, maybe Ziegler is the first. From the quick trailer from "She's No Angel," it does appear that her character moves in the same fashion that a zombie does. With PLL, we can never be too sure. It could also be some sort of dream sequence in which Spencer imagines a Radley patient in a zombie-like state.

She's A Ghost

Once again, I just really want someone to be a ghost on PLL. Is that so much to ask?

She's A Figment of Spencer's Imagination

Spencer seems to be on the verge of a major relapse with her pill addiction, and that can't end well. In Season 4 when she was struggling with her addiction the most, Spencer imagined her life as a film noir, leading to the "Shadow Play" episode. Maybe in "She's No Angel" we'll see her suffer from hallucinations again, this time about a Radley patient.

She's Spencer From The Past

We know Spencer spent some time in Radley during Season 3, but what if that wasn't her first stay at the institution? From what we've seen of Ziegler's role, her character does bear a striking resemblance to Spencer. Maybe this trip back to Radley brings out a memory Spencer's been trying to forget for all of these years.

She's Charles

I can't rule anyone out anymore, OK?

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