How To Dress Like Yoo In Na

If you've watched the Korean drama My Love From Another Star, you know that it has its fashion game down to a science. Of course, Song Yi (played by the equally sartorially-gifted Jun Ji Hyun) is the main style star of the show, what with her enviable collection of high-fashion sunglasses, couture handbags, and ultra-dramatic capes — but Se Mi (played by Yoo In Na) has her own wonderful fashion sense... and I'm honestly kind of obsessed.

Her style understandably shifts as her career takes on its meteoric rise from supporting player to leading lady — but she has certain style tenets that she sticks to: Namely, her propensity towards all things school girl-esque. Throughout the drama, she shows a marked preference for plaids, Peter Pan collars, ruffles, and pleats — but to keep things from being too over-the-top (a la Britney in "Baby One More Time"), she wears it all with an ultra-classic, almost Victorian twist. She also manages to deftly dodge that overly-childlike aesthetic by accessorizing with ever-so-slightly costume-y jewelry, and in a nutshell? Her style is basically Madeline meets Mary Poppins meets Blair Waldorf, and it's kind of the best combination ever. Case(s) in point:

See? Lots of buttoned-up collars, plaid, fur detailing, and statement jewelry (and looking sad, of course — hey, you would be too, if the man you'd been in love with for the past 12 years was in love with your best frenemy). So, with that in mind, here are a few pieces with which to get your Se Mi-inspired wardrobe started (tear-filled eyes fortunately not included).

Dark Checked Dress

Pepe Jeans Dark Checked Dress, $110, ASOS

Reclaimed Vintage Midi Pinafore Dress

Reclaimed Vintage Midi Pinafore Dress, $43, ASOS

Lace Top Midi Skater Dress

Lace Top Midi Skater Dress, $81.55, ASOS

Silk Blouse

Silk Blouse, $59.95, H&M

Rayon Short Sleeve Blouse

Rayon Short Sleeve Blouse, $29.90, Uniqlo

Blouse With Scarf Neck

Alice & You Blouse with Scarf Neck, $44, ASOS

Journal Entry Enthusiasm Skirt

Journal Entry Enthusiasm Skirt, $69.99, ModCloth

Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt

Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt, $69.99, J. Crew


Trenchcoat, $79.99, H&M

Finally, to finish off the look, you're going to need some serious bling:

Crystal Burst Earrings

Crystal Burst Earrings, $65, J. Crew

Opal Gum Drops

Opal Gum Drops, $35, BaubleBar

Crystal Venus Fly Trap Necklace

Crystal Venus Fly Trap Necklace, $98, J. Crew

Crystal Shatter Collar

Crystal Shatter Collar, $44, Baublebar

Treasure Floral Crystal Brooch

Nina 'Treasure Floral' Crystal Brooch, $65, Nordstrom

Will you be taking a leaf from Se Mi's style book? I say it's time to start breaking out the plaid skirts and costume jewelry!

Images: My Love From Another Star/DramaFever