Summer Roberts Repped Girls With Hot Tempers

by Caitlin Flynn

There are few television characters as beloved as The O.C. 's Summer Roberts. She provided a light-hearted foil to her troubled best friend — and as it turned out she was, like, really smart. After the SATs we learned that she had high... what do you call it? Oh, aptitude. While Marissa's favorite hobbies were chugging vodka straight from the bottle and embodying teen angst, Summer preferred bonding with her dad, confiding in Princess Sparkle, and obsessively watching The Valley with about as much devotion as we watch The O.C.

Her wardrobe was beyond enviable — she could rock anything from boho chic to black tie attire to velour tracksuits in every color of the rainbow. The only thing I coveted more than Summer's closet was her boyfriend and I'm still lamenting the fact that Seth doesn't exist in real life. (Not that it would do me much good — we all know Summer was his destiny and who am I to fight fate?)

But that's not to say Summer was entirely perfect. Don't let her small stature, cute face, and bubbly personality fool you — her temper was one to be feared, and she was happy to let everyone know it. For all us girls with a notoriously short fuse, we saw a little bit of ourselves in Summer. You can't change who you are, so embrace it! Here are eleven times Summer owned her hot temper and the accompanying rage blackouts:

1. She Let It Be Known That Anyone Who Angered Her Should Be Very Afraid

"Welcome to the O.C., b**ch!" may be the show's most famous line, but "I suffer from rage blackouts" should really have that number one spot.

2. She Was Proud Of Her War Face

Her war face was deceptively adorable, but don't be fooled — you could totally end up with a fist to the face, courtesy of Summer. Just ask Seth.

3. Anyone Who Messed With Her Best Friend Had Better Watch Out

Hell hath no fury like a loyal friend with a hot temper who hears classmates bad-mouthing her BFF.

4. She Didn't Need Words To Assert Herself

Summer knew that body language can easily send just as strong a message.

5. She Sometimes Spoke Solely In Threats

And I never doubted that Summer would deliver on her threats if anyone dared test her.

6. Seth Learned The Hard Way That Her Threats Were No Joke

And he really had no one to blame but himself, because the sooner you learned to fear Summer's temper, the better.

7. Actually, Seth Learned The Hard Way More Than Once

Ryan wasn't the only member of the Core Four who could throw a punch.

8. She Knew Throwing Things Can Be Very Therapeutic

I mean, isn't that why therapists keep decorative pillows in their offices?

9. That's Not To Say She Couldn't Control Her Temper

It's just that most of the time, she chose not to.

10. But Sometimes, Even Summer Broke Down In Tears

Being hot-tempered can be exhausting. Even the feistiest, most assertive girls need to lie in bed and cry sometimes.

11. And She Never Took Her Temper Out On Her Pet

Pancakes was one of the few characters who was spared Summer's wrath. I mean, who could get ever get angry with that cute face complete with the twitching nose? No one, that's who!

Summer proved that having a short fuse and suffering from rage blackouts isn't such a bad thing. After all, it's how she protected her best friend from gossip and maintained the upper hand in her relationship. Summer, we salute you and your short temper.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (9); cohenchrismukkah/Tumblr (2)