Stay Sockless in Your Favorite Sneakers With This Natural Shoe Odor Remedy

After only a couple of months of wearing sockless sneakers, I've come to the conclusion that I should either buy another pair of new white Keds OR find a natural way to make my sneakers smell fresh again. The best part about summer for me is that my year-round shoe choice finally becomes an appropriate pair of shoes. Finally, I get to ditch my black tights, leggings, and socks and wear tennis shoes without socks or judgment. Sadly, going sockless can come with a foul price. This isn't my first summer with this rather smelly problem, but at the risk of being on my third pair of Keds in the beginning of July, it's only economical for me to whip up a natural way to remove the odor from my trusty sneaks.

I have zero concerns about the whiteness or dirtiness of my sneakers, a few smudges and rain spots is not going to stop me with wearing sneakers every day possible for the rest of my life. The only thing that threatens my comfort is the stench that comes with wearing tennis shoes without socks. It's inevitable, most feet sweat naturally in the heat and the insoles will definitely keep that smell lingering. Hopefully, aren't invited to a shoes-off apartment before you fix your smelly shoes, the scent lingers on you, your shoes, and your guests — definitely not the way you want to start off the evening. Fortunately, nature has a recipe for everything INCLUDING making sure your shoes AND your feet don't smell like garbage all summer.

All Natural Remedy to Remove Odor From Shoes

The best part about this natural remedy is it doesn't require your shoes to get wet. This is great for shoes or sneakers that will be ruined with water. Check out the recipe below and your sneakers will be smelling fresh again in no time!

You'll need the following:

Twinnings Prince Of Wales Black Tea (6 PK), $17, Amazon; Aura Cacia Clove Bud Essential Oil, $7, Amazon; Aura Cacia Lemongrass Essential Oil, $7, Amazon

First, remove any inserts that you keep inside your sneakers. Take all of the black tea bags and sprinkle 4 drops of clove and lemongrass essential oil directly on the tea bag; place the tea bags inside each shoe. This is an ideal remedy for when you get home at night, your shoes should be ready for you after a good night's sleep, but you should notice a difference after a few hours.

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson; Giphy