Do Meg on 'BB17' and Taylor Swift Look Alike?

by Emily Lackey

Let’s break this down, shall we? On a recent episode of Big Brother 17, James said that houseguest Meg Maley looks like Taylor Swift. But is this true? Sure, both Meg Maley and Taylor Swift have blonde hair and allegedly bubbly personalities (I say allegedly because who knows if one or both of the girls is effervescent for the sake of appearing so), but, when you put them side-by-side, do they actually look alike?

Some people are skeptical. Meg, season 17’s outgoing and fun contestant has stayed relatively to herself so far this season. She hasn’t joined any of the more game-heavy contestants in their power alliances, but she’s also been smart enough to linger on the outskirts of these friendships. So she definitely knows how to play the game. And as a contestant originally from New Jersey (now living in New York), I kind of expected her game to be on point. Not too aggressive, just the right amount of independence, but easily approachable by all of the houseguests. And as much as all of this kinda reminds me of someone I know, is it maybe just that nice girl I went to high school with but whose name I can’t remember (she has that sort of face, you know?).

So let’s start with what Taylor Swift and Meg Maley do have in common, because, although some viewers might disagree with James, he’s actually kind of onto something here. Just look at the pictures of them below, and you might start to see what James sees:

1. They Both Live In New York

Maley might be from New Jersey, but she is a full-time server in New York these days. And although Taylor Swift might not be serving anybody but her squad in New York City, she does live in and love Brooklyn.

2. They Both Love Music

Maley said in her bio that one of her three favorite things is “anything music,” and you know T-Swift would agree with that!

3. They Both Are Boy Crazy

Maley has claimed she has been a boy crazy flirt for as long as she can remember. She even joined the boys’ hockey and baseball teams in high school to get more time with the guys. Sound like anyone else you know?

4. Guys And Girls Both Love Them

It’s that bubbly-blonde, girl-code-abiding thing they both have going on. Men and women can’t help but love them! And in the Big Brother house, that’s a force to be reckoned with.

5. OK, The Blonde Hair

It has to be said. Blonde love foreva.

6. They Both Love Red Lipstick

You know T-Swift hasn’t seen a day without a swipe of red on her lips, and Meg stated in her bio that her red lipstick is the one thing she definitely will be bringing to the Big Brother house. I guess these are two girls who definitely can’t live without a red lip.

7. They’re Both Adorable

Look at how sweet!

8. Their Bangs Are Famous

Countless articles have been written about Swift’s iconic bangs in beauty mags. And Maley’s have their own Twitter following. Need I say more?

OK, so I kind of get it now. The evidence is clear: They do have a ton in common, and I can’t blame James for making the comparison.

Image: CBS; Giphy (5); Meg's Bangs/Twitter; Meg Maley/Twitter