When Does The Twin Arrive On 'BB17'?

If you thought you were gonna get through this summer without watching Big Brother Season 17, I've got some bad news for you — you aren't. I was like you, once. I got sucked into one season so hard that it scared me, and I promised I'd never go there again, no matter how tantalizing the twists were, or how crazy the producers made the show. But, then I heard that this year is bringing back the "twin twist," where two identical twins have to switch places without the rest of the house noticing, and I was completely hooked. Introduced for the first time in Big Brother Season 5, the twist is already off to a great start this time around. But when does the twin come on Big Brother 17? I NEED ANSWERS SO I CAN START DITCHING MY FRIENDS TO SIT AT HOME AND OBSESS ABOUT BB17.

Hoo boy, I need to calm down pronto if I want to get myself some answers. But that is gonna be tough because there aren't a whole lot of answers available; at least not that are a satisfactory response to the thousands of questions that are bubbling up inside me. The first question is about when the twist starts — you know, when the twin first arrives in the Big Brother house — and that one we really can't address, because, for all we know, they are already here. Creepy, right?

The producers haven't announced to the audience yet which contestant has a twin, but fans have done some digging around and figured out it's most likely house guest Liz Nolan, who appears to have a twin named Julia. The pair have modeled together before, so that was fairly easy to figure out. As far as we know, Liz and Julia could have already started swapping around in there. If they play it right, there should be no way to tell if the twin has come already or not.

And that's what it all comes down to — playing it right. The one thing that we do know is how long this charade has to last before the twins "win." If they're able to switch back and forth without being discovered and without being evicted for five weeks, they both get to join the game and compete separately. So that's the magical number we're all waiting on now: five weeks until the twin arrives on the show permanently. Well, until eviction, anyway. It's a long time to expect two human beings to switch places, but it's especially true in a Big Brother house that's already suspicious that a twin twist might be in play.

I guess what I'm saying is that the only way to soothe your burning curiosity about whether they can make it the full five weeks is to watch, so say goodbye to all that free time you thought you had this summer. This is way more important.

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Image: CBS