10 Shark Week Party Ideas You Need To Have A Terrifyingly Good Time

The best part of summer has nothing to do with the warm weather, Fourth of July fireworks, or backyard barbecues — the best part of summer is obviously Discovery Channel's Shark Week. Starting July 5, you can once again experience the emotional roller coaster that is watching the world's most massive and terrifying creatures wreck havoc through the sea... and it only takes a few Shark Week party ideas to amp up your viewing pleasure by, like, a million. Grab your friends, and get ready to sink your razor sharp teeth into a few of these shark-approved snacks and drinks while you watch one of the greatest weeks of educational programming to ever exist.

Image: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Drunk Shark Gummies

Just a heads up — these drunk lil’ gummies don’t mess around. Fill up a jar with a vodka of your choosing, and let these babies swim around in there for six to eight hours. By the time you’re ready to get your party started, they’ll be all ready to attack.

Image: Jasmin Fine/Flickr

Shark Cupcakes

Even if you don’t watch Shark Week (weirdo), these cupcakes alone are a reason to have a party. Blue icing has never looked so dangerous… or delicious.

Image and recipe: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Watermelon Slushie

You’re having a party, which means you’re going to need drinks. These watermelon slushies are an instant hit, and they kind of resemble chewed up fish guts, to be honest. Yup, I went there.

Image and recipe: Prevention RD

Bikini Bear Cupcakes

These bikini-clad teddy bears have no idea they’re about to be devoured — by you.

Image and recipe: Bakerella

Shark Cake

There’s just something oddly sweet about a huge and ferocious shark emerging from the waves to crash a party. A cake like this obviously takes effort, but then again so do all of the best things in life.

Image: Jack Vinson/Flickr

BBQ Spiced Salmon

If you’re offering up a main course, get a taste of the sea with this spicy fish dish. It’s a crowd-pleaser among sharks and humans alike.

Image and recipe: How Sweet It Is

Lemon-Lime Blue Slushie

It’s just like the beautiful deep blue sea, only better because you can put alcohol in it. A splash of vodka ought to do just the trick.

Image and recipe: Baked By Rachel

Cheese And Shark Crackers

Like classic goldfish crackers, only better because they’re sharks. Eat them with as much cheese as you think is humanly safe to consume in one sitting.

Image and recipe: Family Fresh Cooking

Shark Mugs

Fill up your mug with wine, and then toast to that kind of willful spirit that makes Shark Week so great.

Image: Etsy

LandShark Lager

I mean, duh.

Image: Ted Thompson/Flickr