Taylor Swift's 4th Of July Photo With Ed Sheeran Will Slay You, But What Is The "Photograph" Singer Thinking In The Hilarious Post? — PHOTO

ICYMI, Taylor Swift's Fourth of July celebration may be the best America has ever seen. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration on my part, but — based on the plethora of Fourth of July photos Swift has posted — the "Bad Blood" singer definitely knows how to celebrate her patriotism. She and her crew were seen rocking out on some giant inflatable swans during the holiday, and Swift also got a piggyback ride from her new bae, Calvin Harris. (When do I get an invite to one of these soirées, darn it?!) As if the celebration wasn't already making you insanely jealous, Swift's BFF/awesome person, Ed Sheeran, showed up to join the fun.

Swift tweeted a photo with Sheeran, who was donning a red coat, sunglasses, and a deadpan stare. She captioned the photo: "When @edsheeran shows up for the 4th of July in a red coat because he just can't let it go." Sheeran is British and the United States declared their independence from Britain over two centuries ago, when Americans referred to the British army as "redcoats" in reference to their historically crimson uniforms. Obviously everything between the two countries is now copacetic and Sheeran's apparel was meant in jest. He and Swift are #FriendshipGoals, after all.

Sheeran's mock defiance is perfectly juxtaposed by Swift's staple exuberance, making this photo-op a definitive success. I love what Sheeran is wearing, but what is he thinking in the pic? I have a few ideas.

"I'm Trying So Hard Not To Laugh Right Now"

It had to be hard to keep a straight face.

"Taylor Is Going To Start Dancing In 3...2..."

The girl likes to get down.

"Where Are Those Inflatable Swans?"

I'm just going to assume that everyone is with me when I say that floating on a ginormous inflatable swan would be utopia.

"I Will Always Be Taylor's #1 BFF"

Swift's crew of friends is ever-growing, but we know Sheeran will always have the top spot.

"Did I Forget To Cut The Tag Off Of This Red Coat?"

Yes, but it still looks fabulous.

"I Kind Of Want To Hold That Little American Flag"

Just do it. Unity #FTW — amiright??

"Grilled Hot Dogs Need To Happen Immediately"

This is just what I assume most people think during the Fourth of July, myself very much included.

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram; Giphy (6)