Kim Gordon's Marc Jacobs Ad Symbolizes How Their Friendship Has Come Full Circle & It's Really Sweet

If you've been following Marc Jacobs on Instagram for awhile now, you're most likely aware that the designer is slowly revealing images from his Fall/Winter ad campaign. The final image from the series was finally revealed today and the latest Marc Jacobs ad features Kim Gordon and her daughter Coco. The legendary Sonic Youth rocker closes out the star-studded campaign honoring the special people whom the designer met over the last three decades of his career.

"I remember exactly how equally excited (and intimidated) I felt when I first met Kim in 1992," Jacobs said in his lengthy tribute to Gordon. "I was a huge fan, and she represented all that was intelligent, unconventionally creative and cool... awkward, powerful, the epitome of artistic credibility and a seductive intensity that I'd never known." The two met early in Jacobs' fashion career when Sonic Youth filmed the "Sugar Kane" music video in his showroom. The two have been great friends ever since. Gordon also starred in the first Marc Jacobs ad, shot by Juergen Teller, six years later.

"I have learned so much about art from Kim," Jacobs added. "A personal and stunning portrait to end our extraordinary portfolio with." In the newly released image photographed by David Sims, Gordon and her 21-year-old daughter Coco pose in front of the same red background used in the ad campaign, which began last month with the release of Cher's Marc Jacobs ad, followed by other notable artists and entertainers, including Winona Ryder and Willow Smith.

Image: themarcjacobs/Instagram