Sadness In 'Inside Out' Is Phyllis In 'The Office'

If you’ve seen Pixar’s Inside Out, chances are you probably wept quietly to yourself throughout, and also suffered from a severe bout of déjà vu. Let’s focus on the latter — it’s not the film as a whole that makes us all scratch our heads and wonder if we’ve somehow seen or known about it before, but rather, it’s one character in particular. Inside Out’s Sadness was voiced by Phyllis Smith, the actress who played Phyllis Vance on The Office. So, no, you’re totally not crazy for feeling like you’ve met Sadness before. Because, if you think about it, Sadness is basically Phyllis, just like, more blue.

Everything makes sense now, doesn’t it? You’re welcome for the clarification. While the metaphorical lightbulb has been lit over your head spinning head, let me say this—it’s cool if you couldn’t quite place it at first. That’s why I’m here, to show you just how much Sadness and Phyllis are alike, in addition to the fact that they share the same portrayer. Though, you know, that certainly does help. Here are eight different times that Inside Out’s Sadness proved she was basically just Phyllis from The Office.

1. When She Took Pleasure In The Simple Things, Like The Joy Of Being Included

You can see it in the way they both flash the same small yet telling smile. Which is pretty adorable, to be honest.

2. Because Of This Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Who came first? The chicken or the egg? ...Sadness or Phyllis?

3. When She Couldn't Even


4. When She Proved To Be Horribly Uncoordinated

*Smacks hand over eyes* I can't watch.

5. Presented Without Comment

*Drops Mic*

6. When She Was Painfully Unaware

Of everything. Though, their blind naivete is also what's so endearing about them.

7. When, Unexpectedly, She Came In Clutch

After all, it was Sadness, not Joy, that saved the day. Lesson learned: Never underestimate the sullen co-worker with the glasses.

8. And, Yes, The Obvious Outward Similarities

Piercing blue eyes, dark rimmed glasses, short hair, conservatively dressed. They clearly have the same stylist.

So, you see, Sadness and Phyllis are one in the same. Two monotone peas in a very sad pod.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy; dundermifflinscranton/Tumblr, halpertjames/Tumblr, probablestars/Tumblr, crissandmichele/Tumblr